Now you’re journaling with power! (with this Mario-branded Moleskine gear)

Although this isn't a stationery news site (how I should like that!), the latest collection from Moleskine is Mario-related, so technically I can write about it. There's even a phone case and a rollto

Moleskine’s next paper planner will automatically sync with Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal

I use a Hobonichi Techo Weeks as a daily planner. Like John found when reviewing planners, it’s the perfect size and has just enough space for my to-do list, appointments and a bit of journaling

Montblanc enters the 21st century with a fancy digital pen

Fancy pens are fancy. They’re nice to own, really great to write with, and awful pretty. But what happens when you mash up fancy pen manufacturer Montblanc with some digital paper? Baby, you got

Using Moleskine’s New Smart Notebook Is Like Magic

We covered Moleskine’s launch of its new Adobe Cloud-enabled Smart Notebook, but after using one in practice, the tech has clearly merited another look. You can see a live trial of the entire pr

Moleskine Smart Notebook Turns Your Sketches Into Adobe-Friendly Vector Files

Digital tools may one day replace traditional creative media altogether, but we’re definitely not there yet, and Moleskine is doing a good job of straddling the old and the new with its software

Moleskine Notebook And “Analog App” Brings Manual Photo And Video Mixing To iPhone

You might be familiar with "sweding," the concept spawned by 2008 Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind that involves making low-budget remakes of your favorite movies with friends. That's a little like w

Evernote Declares A ‘Cease-Fire’ In Its War With Paper, Partners With Moleskine For Smart Notebooks

<a target="_blank" href="">Evernote</a> CEO Phil Libin said today that he doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about competition, but he admits that there has been one "age-old

Moleskine Extends Its Brand To New "Traveler" Line Of Bags

<img src="" />While Moleskine has been known for some time for their notebooks, they've been getting into other markets, from

Moleskine App Perfect For Writing About The Sweet Fern, Growing Ankle High

Nick pulled out his iPad and placed it on the table. He pressed the icon for the Moleskine App and began to write. He wrote for a little over an hour. The baristas all eyed him angrily. He was taking