Flikdate’s New Mobile Live Video Dating Service Launches on iOS

In May, we wrote about Flikdate, an innovative mobile video dating service that feels like a mix between Chatroulette and Match.com. The free app is now available in Apple’s App Store. Unlike most other video dating services, which focus on pre-recorded videos, Flikdate allows you to set up virtual mini-blind dates using video chats right on the phone. The app, which was created by an all-girls team, isn’t the first to try this, with Date.fm and others also playing in the market, but it has an innovative business model that really sets it apart from its competitors.

On Flikdate, every conversation is limited to 90 seconds and you start every day with a credit of 25 ‘fliks.’ Every conversation costs you one flik and if things go well and you would like to talk for longer, you can set up a virtual date without time limits for five fliks. Once you run out, you can buy 25 additional fliks for $0.99. While the focus is obviously on the video chat feature, users can also use a text chat to keep in touch after a virtual date.

During a conversation, users can vote each other up or down and flick over to the next conversation if things get boring. To avoid the standard Chatroulette problem of people exposing their private parts on video, Flikdate uses Facebook as its identity mechanism and bans users who just can’t keep their pants on. When talking to each other, though, it’s important to note, users remain completely anonymous – just the service itself knows who you are.

To introduce the app to new users, the Flikdate team is hosting a virtual launch party on the service from 7pm to 9pm PST today and from 12pm to 2pm PST on Friday. You can download the app here.