iOS is an iOS app that feels like using a retro analog camera

Phone cameras have evolved a lot, with image processing becoming increasingly important and granular controls to help users tweak their images. Despite that, many people are still fond of old-school p

A crypto wallet maker’s warning about an iMessage bug sounds like a false alarm

A crypto wallet maker claimed this week that hackers may be targeting people with an iMessage “zero-day” exploit — but all signs point to an exaggerated threat, if not a downright scam.

X adds support for passkeys globally on iOS

X, formerly Twitter, is rolling out support for passkeys, a new and more secure login method compared with traditional passwords, to all iOS users globally. The option debuted in January, but only for

Google hints that Apple is set to support RCS by this fall

Google showed a section on the new Google Messages page claiming that Apple is set to roll out (RCS) support for iPhones this fall.

Apple WWDC 2024, set for June 10-14, promises to be ‘A(bsolutely) I(ncredible)’

Apple SVP Greg “Joz” Joswiak just confirmed via the social media platform formerly known as Twitter that the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference is set for June 10-14. I

Spotify submits an update to show pricing information to iOS users in EU

Spotify said today that it has submitted a new version App Store that shows pricing and feature information about the audio company’s different plans in the EU. The update, which is pending appr

MacPaw’s Setapp becomes one of the first to agree to Apple’s controversial DMA rules

Mac and iOS software development company MacPaw is becoming one of the first to publicly adopt Apple’s new DMA (Digital Markets Act) rules in the EU, to offer Setapp, its subscription-based plat

Text-to-speech app Speechify launches Gmail integration and voice cloning

Text-to-speech startup Speechify is launching a new version of its iOS app (v3.0) with features like a redesigned home page, the ability to scan documents, Gmail and learning platform Canvas integrati

Truecaller brings call recording and transcription to India

Caller identity company Truecaller has launched its call recording and transcription for paid users in India, the company’s biggest market. The recording feature will be available to premium use

Google Assistant is now powered by Gemini — sort of

Google Assistant as we knew it is on the way out. Well, at least its guts. Late last year, Google added AI capabilities from its chatbot Bard to Google Assistant, allowing the virtual helper to make s

Government hackers targeted iPhone owners with zero-days, Google says

Government hackers last year exploited three unknown vulnerabilities in Apple’s iPhone operating system to target victims with spyware developed by a European startup, according to Google. On Tu

Yelp launches revamped feed with AI-powered business summaries

Yelp is releasing new features as part of its winter release, which includes a more visual feed, AI-powered summaries of businesses, and number masking while contacting businesses for better privacy.

How to activate eSIM on iPhone

Apple has had support for eSIM since the iPhone Xs/XR, but it has gone all in by ditching the physical SIM card slot for iPhones from version 14 and later sold in the U.S. While models sold in other c

iPhone users should turn on Apple’s stolen device protection feature

Apple released a new version of iOS yesterday with a handful of new features, such as collaborative playlists in Apple Music and a new Unity wallpaper for Black History Month. Another interesting new

Apple to release iOS 17.3 next week, bringing Stolen Device Protection, collaborative playlists

Apple confirmed today that iOS 17.3 will be released to the public next week, giving iPhone users new features like Stolen Device Protection and collaborative Apple Music playlists. The company subtly

Apple releases spatial video recording on iPhone 15 Pro

Apple rolled out iOS 17.2 today, giving iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users the ability to record spatial videos. The new feature lets users film in three dimensions and experience their favorit

This Week in Apps: Apple’s iPhone app of the year finalists, plus 7 hidden gems

Is the App Store still a source for new technology innovations or has AI development become the hotter new tech to build for these days? We pondered this question this week when Apple unveiled its iPh

Rooms, an interactive 3D space designer and ‘cozy game,’ arrives on the App Store

Cozy game, interior decorating app, learn-to-code primer or something in between, the interactive, 3D spaces builder known as Rooms has made its way to the App Store. The startup, which earlier raised

Apple’s Journal app has arrived – here’s what’s good and bad

Having used Journal for a few days now, I feel confident saying that Day One is not staring down an existential threat — at least not yet. Keep in mind we’re talking about Apple has a well-kno

Apple fixes bug that undermined iOS privacy feature for years

Apple has fixed a years-old vulnerability in its iPhone and iPad software that undermined a privacy feature since it first debuted. Back in 2020, Apple announced a new feature in iOS 14 that would pre
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