Here’s The First Pic Of The Nexus 7, Google’s Answer To The Kindle Fire And The iPad

Hello, bezel.

Google is set to kick off its yearly developer’s conference in less than 30 minutes. Big things are expected including the announcement of Google’s long-rumored Nexus tablet. Well, here it is. The Google Play Store inadvertently leaked the Nexus 7 early.

Right now all we have is the image above but it’s very telling. Apparently Google changed up the tablet OS. The pic above shows a user interface similar to that of a smartphone. The menu bar of ICS is out and a row of icons is in its place. Then, embedded within the massive bezel is a front-facing camera, a feature solely missing from the Kindle Fire.

You can make the image appear if you jump over to the device section on the Google Play store, open the banner image in a new tab and change the URL to say “nexus_7_banner_001.png” rather than “galaxy_nexus_banner_005.png”.

Of course right now several key details are missing including the price, release date and information concerning the new interface. All should be revealed within an hour or two, though.