T-Mobile Announces The HTC One S: $199 On-Contract On April 25 (Hands-On)

It’s only been a few short hours since AT&T announced the availability of HTC’s mamma-jamma One X smartphone, but there may be a few more tricks coming out of HTC’s sleeve before the day is done. For example, T-Mobile just sent over a bit of news regarding the One S, namely that it will launch on April 25 for $199.99 on-contract after a $50 mail-in-rebate.

We first spotted the One S back at MWC in Barcelona, and generally speaking we found it to be a pretty sweet device.

This time around, I walk away feeling the same sentiments. I’m all about the design, specs are adequate, and Sense is an entirely tolerable custom overlay.

Let’s delve deeper, yes?

It’s an HSPA+ device, meaning it will take advantage of T-Mo’s 42Mbps speeds. Past that, we’re looking at 1.5GHz dual-core chip, an 8-megapixel rear camera capable of 1080p video capture, and a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display.

HTC’s been building out its ecosystem a little differently than other phone makers, signing deals with companies who already have this or that service nailed rather than trying to build something from the ground up. That said, Beats Audio integration will come packed within the One S, as will 25GB of free storage with Dropbox.

Ice Cream Sandwich is certainly present and accounted for here, but you may not recognize it. HTC laid its Sense UI on top of the OS, which is good news considering that Sense is actually a pretty worthwhile skin, but bad news for those of us who prefer a vanilla experience.

I got the chance to go hands-on and came away feeling great about this handset’s future. 4.3-inch displays is where I draw the line, which works out well for the One S, and HTC did an excellent job of walking that fine line between feeling light and feeling cheap.

We’ll be hitting you guys with a full review before the week’s over, so you can be sure to know where you stand before sauntering into a T-Mo store come April 25.

In the meantime, check out this hands-on video we grabbed at MWC this year:

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