It’s Official: AT&T To Launch $199 HTC One X On May 6

Well, there you have it. After turning plenty of heads at this year’s Mobile World Congress, HTC’s latest and greatest handset now has an official release date for the United States.

AT&T has just announced that the HTC One X will hit store shelves on May 6 with a $199 price tag (2-year contract included, of course), and that pre-orders for the hotly anticipated handset will begin on April 22.

Though it sports the same 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD2 display, 8-megapixel rear shooter and Sense-ified take on Ice Cream Sandwich that its more worldly cousin does, US-spec One X is still a slightly different affair. AT&T’s model forgoes the Tegra 3 chipset for instance, opting instead for a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and an LTE radio. While some are sure to lament the loss of that quad-core horsepower, LTE should stand to give the device’s mobile web and data experience a real kick in the pants.

All of those components are wrapped in a sturdy — not to mention handsome — polycarbonate body, unlike the micro arc oxidized aluminum frame seen in One S. That’s probably for the best, all things considered, as some One S owners have managed to chip the supposedly more robust material just weeks after launch.

Of course, AT&T’s One X isn’t the only one slated to hit our shores shortly. Though they declined to lock down a specific date, Sprint also recently revealed the Evo 4G LTE, their own (heavily-redesigned) variant of HTC’s flagship handset that’s second to launch some time in Q2. Meanwhile, T-Mobile will be hosting an event in honor of HTC’s One S tonight where they’re expected to reveal the device’s official release date.