TouchPal Smartens Up Your Contact List On The Fly

TouchPal is a mobile app that helps you “keep in touch with your contacts,” namely by adding social aspects to your current contact list. Although much of TouchPal’s functionality has been replicated in other systems. However, TouchPal has improved things by merging nearly all of them into one app.

TouchPal adds “availability” flags to your contact list and maintains contact information right inside the app. It also allows you to update your information and the change is propagated out to your friends’ phones. You can also create “status” messages and mark busy people to call them back automatically.

It’s a fairly interesting product in that it offers a great deal of real functionality in a fairly easy-to-use package. The rub? Touchpal will have to convince a critical mass of users to swap out their dialers and contact systems with the TouchPal package.

The app runs on Android and iOS and the team hopes to monetize by becoming the de facto contact management system on many phones.