Bose’s Series 2 Bluetooth Headset Packs 2 Mics, Hefty Price Tag

Looks like Bose is taking another swing at phone accessories because the company has just revealed their new Series 2 Bluetooth headset.

So what exactly does Bose bring to the party this time? Aside from the basics, like A2DP streaming and multiple ear tips in the box, the Series 2 has a few new tricks up its sleeves.

The Series 2 packs a two-microphone configuration meant to reduce background noise, and Bose’s new Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology. Bose claims that thanks to AAA, the headset will be able to adjust its output in different environments. Taking a quiet call at a fancy restaurant would mean a lower volume level so as not to blow out your eardrum, while the Series 2 would crank up the sound while at a loud party.

Perhaps the best thing about the Bose Series 2 is that it finally comes in left and right ear versions. That’s right — their original model was specifically designed to go in a user’s right ear, so auditory lefties were forced to find an alternative.

At $149, its price eclipses a lot of its competition, but hey — what else is new for Bose? The big question is if the Series 2 will perform well enough to justify the price tag. The Series 2 headset is already live in Bose’s online store, and I’d expect to see it in certain brick-and-mortar retailers before too long.