Wikileaks Watch: Julian Assange is to be freed on bail (Plus bonus Downfall parody)

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Wikleaks head Julian Assange is to be freed on bail today. He will leave either from the High Court (pictured, with Media Scrum) or from Wandsworth Prison Prison, either today or tomorrow, but it looks like today. The Bail has to be paid into the court in cash (£220,000) by the close of play this evening for him to be able to walk. The uncertainty is down to the fact that getting sureties signed for bail may not be until tomorrow.

Interesting aside: His lawyer Mark Stephens said Assange has been staying in the same cell in Wandsworth prison as Oscar Wilde once did.

Once out on bail, pending the extradition case brought by the Swedish courts, Assange wil be staying at the 600-acre country estate owned by supporter Vaughn Smith, a former Army captain who founded and runs The Frontline Club for journalists where Assange has made regular public appearances and where he was staying prior to the case being brought.

The nearest police station for Assange to report to is only open two hours a day, which will make things interesting.

During this latest hearing the judge banned the use of Twitter by reporters while in the court.

According to Sky News the judge acknowledged that Assange has co-operated with the Swedish authorities over the allegations he faces and that even if convicted Assange would only face a brief prison sentence, and possibly no prison sentence at all, the court heard.

Meanwhile someone has produced the inevitable Downfall Parody video, following the news that Mark Zuckerberg has been name Time Magazine’s most influential person of the year, despite Assange winning the popular vote. Pretty funny.

Picture courtesy @phileasphil.

  • Alex Ganose

    The image currently doesn’t work

  • Alex Ganose

    Now it does, nvm

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  • SecrDig
    Here you can share your secrets anonymously,
    Secrets will be automatically tweet to Twitter immediately,

    • Ryan

      Good. this is a secret: Assange is a criminal. Why does TC pays any attention to him? With so much going on with IT, start-ups, legitimate entrepreneurs, etc.
      If TC starts publishing news from the porn industry, it would be a real step-up from writing about “wikileaks.”
      Just MHO.

      • Kent

        Don’t be so naive.

      • John

        Don’t be a Assange fan-boy…..

      • Kent

        I’m more of a freedom open government fanboy as opposed to a scared fascist and reactionary type of fanboy.

      • Pepe

        How about waiting for the verdict before saying Assange is a criminal? As in not guilty before proven otherwise…

  • Greg

    Clever and very quickly made.

    Seems like it easy could have been put out by Facebook’s PR to counter the tsunami of people with very strong opinions that it should have been Assange.

    Just another win for $$$$$ over democracy. Plus Facebook might be an important media partner one day

  • Jake

    this will make Wikileaks Facebook page Admin feel better. he/she was showing some teenage jealousy today about Assange not winning Time’s Person Of The Year award “despite” getting far more popular votes than Zuckerberg see

    • John

      That post is a direct result of Assange not being around to give his fan boys their daily dose of ass crack…..

  • Michelle Greer

    This was a political move on Time’s part. Heralding Assange would alienate them with many of the people they would want to interview.

    That being said, it’s pretty weak on their part. Wikileaks is a mixed bag and they could have just acknowledged it.

    The bigger Wikileaks gets, the harder it will be for them to vet sources considering most of them are anonymous. I see Wikileaks as the first of what will be many tip-off sites that will end up being more specialized and therefore effective.

    To be sure, we live in interesting times.

    • 205guy

      The problem with having tons of anonymous tipoff sites is that it’s hard to verify legitimacy and motive. Every cause (intel service, opposition, insurgent, etc.) will create their own and spread FUD.

      Ironically, with Manning being in prison, we know the Wikileaks cables have a high likelyhood of being real.

  • wowza

    Has anyone seen the “write a movie on Wikileaks” competition on Circalit? some pretty funny submissions…

  • theadb

    this must have been from sporting my shirt that i just bought:

    in all seriousness though…protect the right to truth.

    …interesting times indeed.

  • Diane Strutter

    Hillary Clinton visited Julian in his cell the other night. She told him how dangerous it was to be in jail, without a friend. Advised him on making sure his soap bar had a little string on it….

    …and then she went all “Shawshank” on his sorry ass…while screaming to him: “How do you like it when YOUR wiki leaks, you faggot!”….

    Then I woke up…

  • Kamran Abdi

    People, please cast your vote for Mr. Assange:

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  • Covert Alert

    I wonder if he’ll try to skip bail? I understand that there have been offers of sanctuary in other countries.

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  • Julian Assange wikileaks

    keep in touched

  • denysonique

    Exposing a crime is not a crime

  • Melinda Love

    Very interesting development, who is right or wrong

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