Wikileaks Watch: Julian Assange is to be freed on bail (Plus bonus Downfall parody)

Wikleaks head Julian Assange is to be freed on bail today. He will leave either from the High Court (pictured, with Media Scrum) or from Wandsworth Prison Prison, either today or tomorrow, but it looks like today. The Bail has to be paid into the court in cash (£220,000) by the close of play this evening for him to be able to walk. The uncertainty is down to the fact that getting sureties signed for bail may not be until tomorrow.

Interesting aside: His lawyer Mark Stephens said Assange has been staying in the same cell in Wandsworth prison as Oscar Wilde once did.

Once out on bail, pending the extradition case brought by the Swedish courts, Assange wil be staying at the 600-acre country estate owned by supporter Vaughn Smith, a former Army captain who founded and runs The Frontline Club for journalists where Assange has made regular public appearances and where he was staying prior to the case being brought.

The nearest police station for Assange to report to is only open two hours a day, which will make things interesting.

During this latest hearing the judge banned the use of Twitter by reporters while in the court.

According to Sky News the judge acknowledged that Assange has co-operated with the Swedish authorities over the allegations he faces and that even if convicted Assange would only face a brief prison sentence, and possibly no prison sentence at all, the court heard.

Meanwhile someone has produced the inevitable Downfall Parody video, following the news that Mark Zuckerberg has been name Time Magazine’s most influential person of the year, despite Assange winning the popular vote. Pretty funny.

Picture courtesy @phileasphil.