NEC Develops Super-fast Analog To HD Video Conversion Technology

Japan’s biggest business daily, The Nikkei, is reporting that NEC has developed a technology that makes it possible to quickly change low-res analog video to HD video. According to NEC, the existing solutions out there require one full month to convert one hour of analog video images into HD images.

Big N’s new method, however, is up to 17 times faster than conventional ones. For example, the company’s image processing technology changes one hour of analog into HD video in just 10 hours.

Video material, for example older movies, TV programs of historic events recorded on analog video could be remastered and shown in HD using the solution. Unclear images recorded on non-HD security cameras could be sharpened this way, too.

NEC plans to further improve the technology before offering it to broadcasters and (at some point in the future) to individual users.