UK U-turns on Huawei and 5G, giving operators until 2027 to rip out existing kit

The UK government has confirmed a widely expected U-turn related to “high risk” 5G vendors linked to the Chinese state — attributing the policy shift to the US recently imposing tigh

London’s Met Police switches on live facial recognition, flying in face of human rights concerns

While EU lawmakers are mulling a temporary ban on the use of facial recognition to safeguard individuals’ rights, as part of a risk-focused plan to regulate AI, London’s Met Police has tod

D-Wave partners with NEC to build hybrid HPC and quantum apps

D-Wave Systems announced a partnership with Japanese industrial giant NEC today to build what they call “hybrid apps and services” that work on a combination of NEC high-performance comput

How tech is transforming the intelligence industry

Intelligence communities across the Western world are now at a crossroads.

Sierra Leone government denies the role of blockchain in its recent election

The National Electoral Commission Sierra Leone has come out with a clarification to – and, an outright condemnation – of the news that theirs was one of the first elections recorded to the

Draper Nexus closes $175 million fund, LP’s include Panasonic, Canon and other Japanese tech giants

Early stage venture firm, Draper Nexus, has closed its second fund at $175 million, according to Managing Director Q Motiwala. Its debut fund closed in 2013, at $50 million. Limited partners in Draper

NTT DoCoMo, Samsung Call It Quits On Mobile Chipset Joint Venture

What happens when you put some of the biggest names in the Japanese wireless industry in the same room to work up a plan to develop some home-grown mobile chipsets? The answer is, apparently, not much

MEDIAS ES N-05D: NEC’s New Android Phone Is 6.7mm Thin, Connects To Casio’s G-SHOCK GB-6900

<a href="">NEC</a> did it again: about 11 months after unveiling the <a href="

NEC Forecasts $1.3 Billion Loss, Ready To Cut 10,000 Jobs Worldwide

Bad news from Japanese tech powerhouse <a href="">NEC</a>: the company yesterday <a href="">announced</a> [PDF

5 Japanese Tech Companies (And Samsung) Set Up LTE Mobile Chip Venture

Big news from Asia's mobile market today: Japan's biggest mobile carrier <a href="">NTT Docomo</a> (55 million customers, over US$50 billion in sales per year) is <a h

X-info Table: NEC Rolls Out 52-Inch “Tablet” In Japan

7-, 9-, or 10-inch <a href="">tablets</a> are out: <a href="">NEC</a> Japan today announced the so-called <a href="

Tele Scouter: NEC Announces Transparent Head-Mounted Display

NEC announced the so-called <a href="">Tele Scouter</a> [JP] in Japan, a futuristic, see-through head-mounted display (HMD) for augmented reality applicatio

MGX: NEC Shows 9.9MM Thin, Android-Based Notebook Prototype

<a href="">NEC</a> is working on an super-thin notebook that's powered by <a href="">Android</a> (version unknown) and that's just 9.9mm

ShieldPRO N22G: NEC Shows Super-Ruggedized Notebook

All these ruggedized computers available on the market out there aren't tough enough for you? Then you might want to take a look at the ShieldPRO N22G that <a href="">NEC

LaVie Touch: NEC’s Windows Tablet Comes With DVD-Drive, Other Add-Ons

NEC <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the so-called LaVie Touch for the Japanese market today, a tablet with two rather special features: it's powered by Windo

AiRScouter: Brother Ready To Commercialize Its See-Through Head-Mounted Display (Video)

Sometimes futuristic-looking prototypes of gadgets do get commercialized: Brother has <a href="">announced</a> it is ready to bring to market th

Japan To Invest $1.3 Billion In New Supercomputer

There is a <a href="">list</a> of the world’s 500 most powerful <a href="">supercomputers</a>, and the last time it was

NEC Develops Next-Gen Household Power Storage System

<img src="" /> <a href="">NEC</a> is ready to use some of the expertise it gained by devel

Lenovo And NEC Launch PC Joint Venture In Japan

<img src="" /> The joint venture <a href="">NEC</a> and <a href="

The UNISROBO Robot Looks A Lot Like NEC's PaPeRo

<img src="" /> China-based JUST GOOD Technology Corp. and <a href="">UNIS Corp.<
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