Alec Baldwin Calls our Overlords "Eighth Degree Black Belt Idiots"

This may decide one of those office pools over how long it’ll take AOL to fire someone from TechCrunch, but it’s not everyday you hear your new parent company called out by one of your favorite comedic actors, so what the hell. In an article on the Huffington Post, actor Alec Baldwin (seen here in younger, sexier days) writes a serious post about what an important movie “Waiting for Superman” is and how the problem with public education is even more troubling and serious than global warming.

…And then he closes with a random “PS” taking pot shots at AOL. Read for yourself:

PS: A quick story. AOL offered me $100,000 to be photographed by famed photographer Chuck Close, as I have been an AOL subscriber for many years. The photos would be used in AOL advertising and the money would go to charity.

Today, on AOL’s homepage, I am accused of insulting actor Jim Parsons for sending him a congratulatory gift basket, inside of which I added a card that read “Congratulations you talented, charming bastard.”

I thought that was a joke. I think Parsons knew that. I think anyone on Earth could see that. Except the eighth degree, black belt idiots that compose the AOL homepage.

I’m still a loyal AOL user. In spite of the fact that its homepage content is written by the dumbest bastards in the world.

What does it say that my immediate reaction was: We were going to pay Alec Baldwin $100k to pitch AOL? That’s awesome! Maybe this company is cooler that I thought after all…