Palm working on a high-res device called the "RoadRunner HD"?

This is just the most micro-sized of clues we’re going on here, but some analytics have logged a device running webOS 2.0 on a 960×640 screen. What does it mean?!

Well, it could be many things (if it isn’t a hoax, that is). It’s probable that Palm/HP is trying to choose a specific resolution for the webOS tablet. It’s not as resolution-independent as Android, so they are likely picking a few common pixel counts and testing them out. 960×640 is a resolution that will be widely available in panels soon due to Apple’s huge orders, and so it’s a natural one to work towards — though others, like 1024×600 and 1280×720 may also be in testing. Personally I’d guess that they’re planning on multiple form factors and trying to determine what scales best, how to share the most assets, and so on.

As for the Roadrunner HD, I doubt it’s something we’ll be seeing any time soon. We know the webOS tablet is due in early 2011, probably (and tragically) a little while after the new iPad, whatever it may be.