Spoiler Alert: Another iPhone 4G/HD appears

At this point in the game I’m pretty much bored with the whole iPhone HD leak meme. In a twisted way, the run up to Apple launches was a lot of fun. There was endless speculation but no real data and all of a sudden a guy in a turtleneck and jeans pops out and, like Mephisto, springs something new on the world. Let the rest of the CE manufacturers leak like sieves. I want my dance of the seven veils, damn it!

Anyway, another day, another Vietnamese site with pictures of the iPhone HD. Nothing much to see except for shots of the proto-OS running on the handheld which seems to be called Inferno and does nothing but boot into that screen we saw in the previous leak.

I’m spitballing here, but could Vietnam be picking up China’s manufacturing slack and, as a result be leaking gear to the world now? It’s a tantalizing thought: China has gotten so professional and held in so many leaks that they’re too expensive and the onus now falls on Vietnam to manufacture – and leak – iPhones HD. Thoughts?

via Nowhereelse