EEE PC 1218 leaks, and wins awards

Asus leaked their own product this time, by revealing that their newest secret project, the Eee PC 1218. The details are sketchy of course, but what we can see looks hawt.

Here’s what we do know, the body is made aluminum, and it’s finished in either silver of black. It appears that Asus was going for an ultra-thin form factor, so they’ve moved all the ports to the back of the case. This means that we can’t clearly see what ports are there, since the only thing we have are a few crappy pictures from the Asus “We’re so great!” award page. What we can see (barely) is 3 USB ports, an ethernet, headphone and microphone jacks, and and HDMI video output. Of course, no idea on how much the system costs or when we should expect to see them on the market. I want one.

[via Cnet UK]