CGM Night: CrunchGear visits Otaku party in Tokyo (photo report)

Being based in Tokyo has its advantages, and one of them is being close to Akihabara, the world’s paradise for all things geek: Video games, anime, manga, Cosplay, figures, maid cafes etc. etc. And over the weekend, I was fortunate to be invited by one of Japan’s most famous otaku (and Japan) culture bloggers, an Englishman called Danny Choo, to “CGM Night”.

My apologies for the low quality of the pictures (I forgot my camera). But you can find tons more (and better) photos here and here.

CGM Night is a get-together of about 60-70 geeks that takes place regularly and proves otaku can get social, too. This time, the CGM Night took place in the most futuristic blood donation facility you can think of: Akiba F, located in Akihabara.

Japan’s Red Cross Society shows it really embraces technology in a number of ways. On the picture above, you can see the head of the Akihabara branch (the person on the left). The guy in the middle is host Danny Choo.

This is ultra-cute photographer and model Amano Ai. Impossibly kawaii (more pictures). She has an own iPhone app [iTunes link].

A group of Cosplay fans came dressed as video game, movie and anime characters.

And there can’t be an Otaku party without cute figures.

I’ll make sure to not forget my camera for the next CGM Night.