• Quma: 3D Motion-Capture Figure For 3D CG Production (Video)

    Quma: 3D Motion-Capture Figure For 3D CG Production (Video)

    Japan-based SoftEther has developed a cool 3D motion-capture figure [JP] to create computer graphics and animations in 3D. Dubbed Quma, the human-like doll has a set of joints throughout its body, all of which are equipped with sensors and can be moved freely by the user: hold up the right arm for example, and the 3D figure on your computer screen will do the same, in real-time. Read More

  • Bandai To Sell Mini Figure Of That Awesome Life-Size Gundam Statue

    I am sure by now every CrunchGear reader knows about that 60-foot Gundam statue that Bandai erected in Tokyo in 2009 (and re-erected again in Shizuoka this year) and that we’ve spent quite a few posts on. In case you’re interested to see the statue live but can’t (Japan is far away for most of you, after all), Bandai today announced [JP] something of an alternative: a… Read More

  • He's back: 60-foot Gundam is (almost) ready again

    We spent quite a few posts on the uber-cool, gigantic Gundam statue that was erected in Tokyo Bay last year. The 60-foot robot statue was deconstructed in September, with Bandai quickly announcing plans to re-erect the big guy in Shizuoka soon. And now he’s almost ready. Read More

  • For $3,400: Bandai to sell 1.5m tall Gundam figure

    No doubt, Gundam is Japan’s favorite anime. They opened a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara, they erected a 1:1 scale Gundam statue in Tokyo bay, and they keep offering tons of Gundam-powered stuff on a monthly basis. The 1/60 Gundam statue replica (30cm) we showed you last November, for example, wasn’t bad, but today Bandai unveiled something even cooler: a Gundam model that stands… Read More

  • CGM Night: CrunchGear visits Otaku party in Tokyo (photo report)

    Being based in Tokyo has its advantages, and one of them is being close to Akihabara, the world’s paradise for all things geek: Video games, anime, manga, Cosplay, figures, maid cafes etc. etc. And over the weekend, I was fortunate to be invited by one of Japan’s most famous otaku (and Japan) culture bloggers, an Englishman called Danny Choo, to “CGM Night”. Read More

  • Meet Sucklord 600's Mini-Me

    Suckadelic is getting into the action figure business. Ok, action doll business, whatever. Behold the majesty of the Sucklord 600 vinyl figure. Fett helmet? Check. Lightsaber? Check. Turntable backpack? Check and check. $50? Yup. Sucklord 600 Vinyl Figure by Suckadelic [Highsnobiety] Read More

  • Not a Halo 3 post

    Shockingly, this post is not about Halo 3. Instead, I’d like to bring to your attention a Killzone action figure that pays attention to details. Modeled after the Helghast from the game, this one-of-a-kind model comes from custom crafter Jim Saotome. And in case you were wondering, yes, those eyes light up. Personally I think the Helghast could kick Master Chief’s ass any day of… Read More