Oh What A Night: Photos From Last Night’s NYC Mini-Meetup

When we planned our mini meet-up series, we expected a few geeks in a bar somewhere drinking and swapping stories about C#. Nothing prepared us for the onslaught. At one point, 1,256 of us filled all

CGM Night: CrunchGear visits Otaku party in Tokyo (photo report)

<img src="" /> Being based in Tokyo has its advantages, and one of them is being close to <a href="http://en.wikipedia.or

25 years of Lomography means its time to party!

<img src="" alt="lomo-seagulls" title="lomo-seagulls" />The <a href="">Lomo LC-A camera</a>

Party Rats, the ultimate accessory for dancing poorly

Every time I go to a wild and crazy rave, someone always points out the lack of rodents. They’re always like, “Man, this party is bumpin’. If only someone had thought to bring a bunc

Google Earth: Throw a party in someone else’s pool

Some no-good kids in the UK have been harnessing the power of Google Earth to find houses with nice pools. Once a suitable house has been found, the kids use Facebook to send out some sort of “Crash

Kid gets real Mario Party… awwwww

Audrey loves her kids very much. For her son Tanner’s birthday she created a Mario-themed party complete with cool invitations, costumes, coin boxes and even Koopa decorations. She bought green

Floating lamp: Balloon with built-in LEDs

[photopress:floating_lamp2.jpg,full,center] Every one of y’all needs to petition the designer of the floating lamp, a balloon with an LED base. Fill her up with helium and you’ve got, yes,

CrunchGear/TechCrunch/MobileCrunch Barcelona Meet-up report

[photopress:scaled.IMG_1359.JPG,full,pp_image] Proof: It was not a total sausage party. There was sausage, obviously, but it was chorizo. It has been said that there is no party like a CrunchGear part

CrunchGear One Year Bash Recap

Mmmmm… prizes Manhattan’s Red Sky last night played host to a gathering of geeks and geek sympathizers the likes to which the world has never seen (at least not this week, granted it was o

10 Days of CrunchGear: Last Call for Birthday Fun

Just a reminder: our red hot Red Sky party is still on. We’ll be meeting on the 20th at 7pm and we’ll have some great giveaways. If you’ve sent an RSVP to either

10 Days of CrunchGear: Birthday Party Cheesecake

Just a reminder: our red hot Red Sky party is still on. We’ll be meeting on the 20th at 7pm and we’ll have some great giveaways. If you’ve sent an RSVP to either

Parrot PARTY Portable Boom Box: Cue "Ain't No Party" Jokes

Bluetooth crazy Parrot showed off two new music playing widgets at the British Invasion-themed Pepcom trade show thing last night. Pictured above, the Parrot PARTY (yes, its name is in all caps; no, I

Crumpler B4B Party

Hypnotic From Chicago I just got back from the Crumpler B4B party at the Highline Ballroom in NYC and I’m a little buzzed. The event was a success and this year was way better than last year. If

CrunchGear, Zune Contest Winners Hit The Seattle Zune Launch Party

When you win a CrunchGear contest, you get treated right. We went with our two winners Hana and Alka to breakfast with the Secret Machines, Cesar from Zune Insider and a host of other media-types (and

Cingular 3125 Launch Party Video

Looks like Gizmodo got more footage of another raucous party held in honor of a small piece of plastic and some wires. Boom-shaka-laka-ActivSync! Look for friend of CG, Vince, cursing his Vienna sausa