• The Famicom claw game: yet another reason to go to Japan

    Need yet another reason to go to Akihabara? Check out the Famicom claw machine. For a mere ¥100 (about $1.10) you can take your chance and try and win a cartridge. Of course, you could probably pick up a cartridge around the corner from the machine for about the same price, but where’s the fun in that. [via GameFuse] Read More

  • Photo report: CrunchGear digs up Akihabara's top 10 expensive classic games

    Nearly two years have passed since I last went to Akihabara in Tokyo to dig up Japan’s most expensive retro games. This time, I made the observation that the general price level has gone down in the past months. Some of the pricey carts and CDs I listed up were simply nowhere to be found, some were considerably cheaper for some reason, and other games became more expensive over time. Read More

  • Photo report: CrunchGear visits the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara (sort of)

    I went to the world’s geek paradise, the Akihabara district in Tokyo, today to get lunch in the new Gundam Cafe [JP] that opened just a few days ago. As the name suggests, the Cafe is a dream come true for hardcore Gundam fans, offering everything from Gundam-shaped cakes to restrooms designed in Gundam style. Read More

  • CrunchGear visits the Tsukumo Robot Kingdom in Akihabara (photo report)

    It’s been over four months since I last paid a visit to a robot store in Akihabara/Tokyo, namely the Vstone flagship store. But I have to say the Tsukumo Robot Kingdom [JP] is much cooler, mainly because the shop is larger and offers more robots than its rival. The Robot Kingdom is located on the 4th floor of the Tsukumo PC Store II in central Akihabara. Read More

  • CGM Night: CrunchGear visits Otaku party in Tokyo (photo report)

    Being based in Tokyo has its advantages, and one of them is being close to Akihabara, the world’s paradise for all things geek: Video games, anime, manga, Cosplay, figures, maid cafes etc. etc. And over the weekend, I was fortunate to be invited by one of Japan’s most famous otaku (and Japan) culture bloggers, an Englishman called Danny Choo, to “CGM Night”. Read More

  • Robot maker Vstone rolls out three mini humanoids

    We just recently visited Japanese robot maker Vstone‘s flagship store in Akihabara for a detailed photo report. The company has now announced three mini humanoids, which are all part of their famous “Robovie” series of two-legged robots. Buyers can choose between a new Robovie-X model and two versions of Robovie-nano. Vstone is offering the three robots not as kits but as… Read More

  • CrunchGear visits top robot store Vstone in Akihabara (photo report)

    We’ve covered robots from Japan-based robot developer and retail store Vstone a few times in the past. Reason enough for me (I live in Japan) to go and have a good look at Vstone’s flagship store in Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronic district, and make a few pics (the company itself is headquartered in Osaka). Read More

  • Japan's Red Cross uses Augmented Reality to get geeks to donate blood (video)

    This is one of the reasons why I live in Japan and nowhere else: In order to get more people to donate blood, the Japanese Red Cross Society decided to skip juice and cookies and to go high-tech by using augmented reality-powered digital signage systems [JP] and cute anime characters. Read More

  • CrunchGear visits Thanko's new USB flagship store in Akihabara (photo report)

    USB-powered neckties, slippers, boob warmers, spy button cameras and tons of other ludicrous stuff: Thanko [JP], Japan’s (and possibly the world’s) most notorious maker of USB gadgets (most of which nobody really needs) never disappoints in the silliness department. The company closed their English online store just last month but continues to impress business-wise by opening a… Read More

  • Visiting crap gadget maker Thanko in Tokyo (photo gallery)

    For a geek, living in Tokyo has many advantages. Being tempted to go check if infamous crap gadget vendor and USB specialist Thanko is for real, isn’t one of them. But I finally went to Akihabara, the world’s geek heaven in the center of Tokyo to find answers. And the rumors are true, Thanko does exist. Read More

  • Looking to sell your 1.25GHz Power Mac G4?

    Have an old Power Mac G4 lying around the house? Read More

  • Watch Augmented Reality figure Cyber Maid Alice in action (2 videos)

    I was invited to a gadget geek/IT entrepreneur/web industry last week and had the chance to meet some of the Japanese rock stars in this area, for example Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the guy who made Sega Rally and Rez. The CEO of Geisha Entertainment Tokyo [JP] was also present and personally delivered a demonstration of his company’s flagship product, Cybermaid Alice. Read More

  • Oh no! The awesome stores of Akihabara are dying off

    When I was in Japan, I of course made a point of visiting the Akihabara district of Tokyo. The sheer volume of stores was staggering, and many of them, like the monolithic Tsukomo, were seven or eight stories tall. Having a store footprint of only perhaps a Subway and catering to the tastes of the most desperate of computer otaku, the multiple levels were necessary.But the clientele is… Read More

  • Lonely? Try fondling Augmented Reality Cyber Maid Alice

    Augmented reality (AR), the combination of virtual worlds and reality, is a cool concept that leads to useful applications in navigation systems, medicine, architecture and many other fields. Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. [JP] now found a way to help all single otaku overcome their problems in finding a real girl friend. Their alternative to heal loneliness 2.0 is called “Dennou… Read More

  • Current top 10 of Akihabara's most expensive retro games (photo report)

    Here are the top 10 of the most expensive retro games currently sold in Tokyo’s Akihabara district (based on my research in about 10 stores). I took the picture above in the place I love the most on this earth, the Super Potato used game store in the heart of Akihabara. Believe it or not, I didn’t see anything cool gear-wise so this list must do as a “live” report from… Read More

  • Boot camp café for obedient geeks in Akihabara

    Japanese Otaku love to relieve stress in “Maid Cafés,” where they usually are treated like kings by (mostly) cute and extra-submissive J-girls. For an extra fee, it is even possible to lay your head on a maiden’s lap for a few minutes and ask why it seems impossible for you to get laid. Now, all geeks preferring the opposite side of the continuum are served with the opening of… Read More