Heat powered arcade mugs

Mugs are like jeans. You go through several different ones before you settle on a favorite. But once you find one, hell can freeze over before you use something else. And ThinkGeek’s new temperature sensitive arcade mugs will be able to tell you when that happens.

You’ve got a Pac Boy or Space Invaders design to choose from. In it’s natural state, the mug is black and rather nondescript. But pour in a hot beverage, and your nostalgia of choise is represented in all its 8-bit glory. Definitely beats whatever you’re drinking out of right now. These things will run you $7.99 a piece.

Now I suppose you could treat this as a very rudimentary video game in itself. By pouring your delicious drink in an accurate enough pattern, you should be able to recreate a session of respective pill-popping or alien-killing fun. Someone go do that, and you’ll almost be on par with these guys.