Kovert Is A GPS That Lets You Keep Your Phone In Your Pocket To Foil Would-Be Muggers

When walking through a sketchy neighborhood that you don't know well, it doesn't always feel like a good idea to have your phone out. Disrupt Hackathon entrant Kovert is an app that allows you to keep

Heat powered arcade mugs

Mugs are like jeans. You go through several different ones before you settle on a favorite. But once you find one, hell can freeze over before you use something else. And ThinkGeek’s new tempera

The Non-Mug Mug Won't Burn Your Fingers

If your coffee is too hot, and you’re (like us) not a fan of mugs (makes us look a little too Lumbergh for our tastes), then you might want to look at this nifty ceramic cup from Stephen Reed. I