2K pares down BioShock 2 DRM: SecuROM all but gone now


As the world turns, the confusion surrounding BioShock 2‘s DRM continues to… confuse. 2K Games said that it’s all but eliminating SecuROM for the game’s DRM regime, but that Games for Windows Live will remain. Installation limits? Gone. Well, kinda. Riot, etc.

You’ll recall that certain sections of the Internet, primarily the hardcore PC gaming community (hi, guys!), freaked out last week over 2K’s decision to include every single DRM implementation under the sun with BioShock 2. SecuROM, Games for Windows Live, and whatever Steam wants to add into the mix. The main offenses included: limited, SecuROM-imposed installations; Games for Windows Live-imposed game-save restrictions.

Basically, it was DRM multiplied by three, and for what? It’s not like the game won’t be cracked either the day of, or the day before, it’s release.

So 2K has relented, kinda. SecuROM will now only be used to verify the integrity of the game disc at launch. There will be no SecuROM-imposed installation limitations. That’s good news.

There’s bad news, though. Games for Windows Live isn’t going anywhere. The Microsoft thingamajig imposes an installation limitation of its own, currently set at 15 per account, but this limit can easily be reset with a phone call to Redmond. So it is and isn’t a limit.

Steam details still aren’t finalized.

So, to recap: SecuROM has been neutered, but Games for Windows Live is still there, and will technically limit the number of times you can install the game. I don’t want to use the phrase Pyrrhic Victory, but…

BioShock 2 is scheduled to be released on February 9. Unless you pirate it, which means you’re probably be playing it on February 5.