Weekend Project: Digitize all those old VCR tapes


I realize the futility of posting a deal on Friday for a “weekend project” when the thing won’t actually show up at your house until next week or the week after but, hey, weekends happen all the time. This deal is good today, only, though. Woot.com is selling the Ion VCR 2 PC for $30 – it costs $50 and up elsewhere.

The VCR features USB output to your computer, making it easy to digitize those old tapes of your house-league basketball games, Boner Jamz ‘98, and Awkward Family Christmas 1992. It also works as a standard VCR, just in case you want to watch the Star Wars Trilogy that you were convinced would never, ever, ever come out on DVD.

ION Audio VCR 2 PC USB VHS Video to Computer Converter [Woot.com]