Remains Of Streamzy Picked Up, Reborn As Web Radio Service

Frustrated with the fact that Pandora does not provide its streaming service in Canada, Vancouver-based Jeff Anderson set out to build a community-driven Internet radio service of his own along with other music fanatics, and dubbed the project

Currently still in private beta, is not going to be a ‘revolutionary’ service, says Anderson, but rather just a great place to listen to and discover new music that can legally be shared with others. The site has been in the works for nearly a year and should be launching in public beta some time next year.

As you may recall, Streamzy, a media search startup that used the late Seeqpod‘s database as a content source but became a shell after Seeqpod folded, was recently put up for sale on eBay.

Anderson took notice of the sale, and picked up whatever was left of the project in a rush to see if some of the technology could be used to enhance Turns out there wasn’t much left at all (the Seeqpod API didn’t work anymore and the YouTube API didn’t provide much benefit to what they were building either) although Anderson says they don’t regret ‘acquiring’ the Streamzy leftovers because it allowed them to play around with the backend, Google Apps Engine, in a working context.

Not that Streamzy cost him and his team a fortune: the auction closed at $2,700.

More on when they are closer to launching.