• Remains Of Streamzy Picked Up, Reborn As Web Radio Service

    Frustrated with the fact that Pandora does not provide its streaming service in Canada, Vancouver-based Jeff Anderson set out to build a community-driven Internet radio service of his own along with other music fanatics, and dubbed the project Currently still in private beta, is not going to be a ‘revolutionary’ service, says Anderson, but rather just a great… Read More

  • Troubled SeeqPod Files For Bankruptcy Protection

    SeeqPod, the popular “playable media” search service that many music sites use as the foundation for their core offering, has filed a petition for Chapter 11 yesterday with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of California. The company, which has raised $7 million in venture capital to date from undisclosed investors, is evidently doing this out of fear about the… Read More

  • Streamzy Done Streaming, Up For Sale On eBay

    SeeqPod has decided to sell its source code to developers to spawn more clones, one of the media search startups that built upon its API is apparently calling it quits: Streamzy, which we profiled in July 2008, is selling itself on eBay at a starting bid of $1,000, provided it’s not a lame April Fools joke (the bidding ends April 1). Update: Streamzy co-founder Brian Krantz says… Read More

  • Streamzy: A Fresh Face For Seeqpod's Streaming Music

    We’ve seen a number of music sites like Seeqpod and Grooveshark that leverage user-uploaded music scattered across the web to offer free, on-demand jukeboxes. These services manage to skirt legal repercussions by only serving content that is hosted on other sites, which makes them harder to sue (though some have tried). Streamzy, a media search startup that launched earlier this year… Read More