Streamzy Done Streaming, Up For Sale On eBay

Now that popular music streaming service SeeqPod has decided to sell its source code to developers to spawn more clones, one of the media search startups that built upon its API is apparently calling it quits: Streamzy, which we profiled in July 2008, is selling itself on eBay at a starting bid of $1,000, provided it’s not a lame April Fools joke (the bidding ends April 1).

Update: Streamzy co-founder Brian Krantz says it’s definitely not a joke.

The service amassed merely 2,400 registered users since its launch in early 2008, and has a monthly visitor rate of only 7,000. The back-end runs for free on Google App Engine and the Flex front-end code will be included should someone decide to pick up the site.

For context: the music labels aren’t only targeting SeeqPod anymore but also developers who use its API, so we’re not sure anyone will be inclined to bid, unless of course if it’s just for the name, logo and domain name.