Ties made from old cassette tapes sort of feature audible playback


These $90 neckties are made from 50% cotton and 50% old audio tapes. There’s more, there’s more. If you have the time, interest, and/or wherewithal to take apart an old tape player, you can actually run the tape head back and forth over the tie to kinda, sorta reproduce the sounds originally found on the cassette.

It ends up sounding like a bunch of gobbledygook but, hey, do your regular ties make weird sounds when you run a tape head over them? If so, your house is clearly haunted. Run!

The “Sonic Fabric Neckties” are available in black, dark brown, or light gray for $90 each. If you’re hell bent on getting your hands on a tape head, here’s a how-to video.

Sonic Fabric Neckties [SupermarketHQ.com via Wired]