Savitude matches you with clothes that fit your body shape

OK, I’ll say it: Buying clothes online still sucks. Unless you’re buying something from a brand you already own and know the sizing of, it’s nearly impossible to get the fit right

Social Shopping Network BeauCoo Wants To Help Women Find Clothes That Really Fit

Shopping for clothes online is difficult, especially because one brand's size 10 can be another brand's size 8. <a target="_blank" href="">BeauCoo</a>, a Calgary-based startup that is launc

Science-Backed ‘Baby Birchbox’ Wittlebee Makes Its First Acquisition: Cottonseed Clothing

<a target="_blank" href="">Wittlebee</a>, a "Birchbox for babies" backed by LA's <a target="_blank" href="">Science</a> incubator, is diving deeper into

J.Hilburn Launches Style Kit, A Novel iPad Sales App For Its Customers And Sales Force

Every night while I'm brushing my teeth, my mom lays out my clothes for the next day. She says I'm her special boy. Then she goes home to her house, leaving me, my wife and our two kids to put ourselv

Fashion Aggregation FTW: Lyst Picks Up $5M, Now Lists DFJ Esprit As Backer

The fashion world has taken to the internet like fish to water -- with thousands of brands and retailers complemented by the rise of fashion bloggers, social media and new technologies to make it easi

ScottEVest Carry-On Coat: You've Got The Whole World, Near Your Waist

<img src="">Oh Scott Jordan, is there anything you <i>can't</i> stick into your coat? The Carry-On Coat is the latest addition to the

Katy Perry rocks a CuteCircuit ('wearable technology') LED dress

<img src="" />And the winner of best use of LEDs in a dress goes to... Katy Perry!

Fancy North Face jackets with built-in iPod controls~!

<img src="" />The North Face makes good stuff, right? (I don't know, I'm a Rocawear man myself.) Well just in time for winter's icy grip

Ties made from old cassette tapes sort of feature audible playback

<img src="">These $90 neckties are made from 50% cotton and 50% old audio tapes. There's more, there's more. If you have the tim

Star Trek onesies for young nerdlings

<img src="">While scores of parents the world over may worry endlessly about the distinct possibility of their children growin

Zelda-fy your baby with this handmade Link outfit

<img src="" alt="zelda" />If you're on the fence about having a baby, consider the fact that you can dress it up however you please. Case in

With silly putty and sparkles, you can make a BioShock belt buckle

<img src="" />Well look at that, a <i>BioShock</i> belt buckle. And, if you're handy with all sorts of machinery I've never heard of (read:

Scott E Vest does that Cyber Monday thing, too: Microfleece Pullover for $20 less

Heads up, people who need a jacket with 4,500 discrete pockets. Scott E Vest, in honor of Cyber Monday, is extending its Thanksgiving sale through midnight tonight. That means you can grab the Microfl

Freehands gloves have removable finger tips for touchscreen phone use

A quickie for those of you who own, or are about to own, a phone with a touchscreen. You know, iPhone, G1, et cetera. The guy who founded Cool Hunting—an online version of the “strange but tru

CrunchDeals: Immortality for $12,000

Maybe you’ll soon see some well-dressed SWAT team members running around the seedier parts of your neighborhood. They’ll look like they just got off the golf course but they’ll actually each be

New SCOTTEVEST fleece jackets available for preorder

While it still may be a little too warm out to start thinking about winter wear, it can’t hurt to plant the seed early – especially when it means getting a good deal. If you preorder the new SCOTT

It's a mat, it's a bag, it's a sack that holds wet stuff

How many times have you been at the beach and thought, “Man, I wish I had some sort of mat that I could stand on to strip down to my bathing suit and then that same mat would turn into a bag tha

Virtual Affection: The Hug Shirt

We get the weirdest crap in our tips inbox, most of it unpublishable (unless your filter allows through things like “Hard HORSUE sexx tranny”, as ours does). But then there’s things

"Worst. Keynote. Ever!" T-Shirt: Take That, Steve Jobs

Because Jobs’ keynote stunk to high heaven yesterday, this dude is going to cash in. A simple black t-shirt with the incredibly apt phrase “Worst. Keynote. Ever!” scrawled across the

Transformers T-Shirts: Cooler Than the Movie! (That's Sarcasm)

In the latest in my unofficial series on questionable hi-tech apparel, it pains me to bring you news of T-shirts you shouldn’t buy that feature my favorite robots in disguise, the Transformers.
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