Twitter Has A Business: Job Agency

Remember when Pizza Hut put out a job posting for a “Twintern,” a.k.a. someone who would Tweet for the company and assist with all things social media? Well, a lucky UNC-Chapel Hill student, Alexa Robinson, was brought on board to manage the @pizzahut Twitter account for the summer and did such a fantastic job that she’s been offered a full-time position as master of all things Twitter at Pizza Hut.

It seems that the folks over at Pizza Hut don’t know exactly what her job title should be. Potential ideas are “Chief Creative Tweeter” and “Social Twitterfly.” Yikes. So the restaurant chain is inviting the greater public to submit creative title’s for the all things Twitter position. Alexa will select her favorite consumer-generated submission and put it on her business card. And as an added bonus, the person who submits the winning entry will be awarded free pizza for a year. To submit your idea, you need to Tweet directly to @pizzahut with your suggestion and tag it with the hashtag #PizzaHutTitle.

The role of the chief Twitterer at Pizza Hut was to be “a social media journalist” who chronicled ‘”in 140 characters or less what’s going on at Pizza Hut,” said Bob Kraut, Pizza Hut’s vice president for marketing communications, in an interview with the New York Times earlier this year. The individual also has to monitor Twitter for complaints about the brand and engage with consumer on the microblogging site.

With the power that Twitter (and other social media sites like YouTube and Facebook) wields over mass communication about brands, celebs and products, it’s not surprising that Pizza Hut would choose to keep the “Twitern” on as full-time staff. There are no doubt countless other minions working for brands and companies to manage their Twitter streams and social media presence.