A conversation with Muxlim CEO Mohamed El-Fatatry (video)

Having spent the past couple of days in Finland visiting some of the country’s most interesting startups, the omnipresent Nokia and attending the great MindTrek conference, I’m starting to get some insight in the Finnish tech scene. In short: it’s relatively tiny but surprisingly fascinating.

Apart from Dopplr, Jaiku, Floobs and some others, I wasn’t really all that familiar with the web startup scene in Finland, but I’ve met a couple of companies I’m going to feature here on TechCrunch Europe over the next couple of days.

First up: Muxlim, a media company that is all about ‘enhancing the Muslim lifestyle’.

Based out of Helsinki, Muxlim operates a network of websites and services geared towards Muslims from across the globe, a seriously underrated and underserved audience. If you consider the fact that there are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet, of which nearly 150 million can be found online, it amazes me that there aren’t more companies who target this vast amount of eyeballs (and wallets) whether it’s from a publisher or an advertisers’ perspective. No wonder Muxlim, being laser-focused on becoming the number one destination for Muslims to gather and share information, multimedia and more, is growing like a weed.

I had a chat with Muxlim founder and CEO Mohamed El-Fatatry about the network, its reach, the business model behind it and its future.