Quick Look: Plantronics Discovery 975


I don’t use many Bluetooth headsets – I rarely drive – but I found the Discover 975 to be a welcome addition to the headset pantheon. Unlike larger – or, dare I say, smaller – headsets the D975 seems just the right size for easy insertion and removal and it is unobtrusive enough to avoid the dreaded Bluetooth Douchebag Syndrome (BDS), a disease that slowly affects the human male causing them to purchase a Motorola headset with a blinking light and wear it all the damn time and cause them to, in no particular order: purchase those stickers showing a nuclear family with two parents and X kids for their Hummer, wear golf shirts, and talk loudly about how they’re getting “brews” at CostCo.

That said, the 975 is manly enough for those who occasionally need a quick Bluetooth fix and the case with built-in battery encourages storage when not in use. With the charging case you will get about 35 hours of talk time. Without it you’ll get about five.
As I said before, I won’t be testing this but I’d like to send it to a citizen reviewer. Tell me how you will avoid BDS in comments and I will send you this to write about. Sound good? Sound off!