Sony's new lithium batteries charge quick, love you long time


Sony has developed a new type of lithium ion batteries that you want. Serious. These things are impressive.

Sony press release

The Olivine-type lithium iron phosphate used in this new battery is extremely suited for use as a cathode material due to its robust crystal structure and stable performance, even at high temperatures. By combining this new cathode material with Sony’s proprietary particle design technology that minimizes electrical resistance to deliver high power output, and also leveraging the cell structure design technology Sony accrued developing its current “Fortelion series” lithium ion secondary battery line-up, Sony has realized a high power density of 1800W/kg and extended life span of approximately 2,000 charge-discharge cycles.

Didja get that? Nope. Who cares about the technology behind it.

All you should care about is that these suckers can be 99% recharged within 30 minutes and can provide an 80% capacity after 2,000 charge-discharge cycles. Sony is aiming to put these batteries within power tools and such, but maybe we’ll eventually see them available for purchase in AA form. John is always complaining that he can’t use his “toys” because his rechargeables are forever slow.