Brando tests the limits of consumer behavior with folding credit card light bulb

pocket lamp

I’d love to be a fly on the wall during one of Brando’s product development sessions. This product, for instance, is a folding credit card-sized “light bulb” that appears to be nothing more than a little LED shining upward against some sort of translucent plastic.

Mr. Brando: What do we have cooking in the “things that fit in your wallet category?”

Engineer: Well, not much. Johnson came up with this stupid idea last weekend at, like, 3AM when we were all shitfaced. Get this — it’s a light bulb that folds down and fits in your wallet. Except it’s not really a light bulb, it’s just a dumb plastic doohickey that–

Mr. Brando: Say no more. I want this to hit the assembly lines immediately. Alert CrunchGear. Doug Aamoth will post anything!

Perfect for… I have no idea. I can’t imagine this thing being all that bright. For $10, though, you get what you pay for. Plus some odd looks every time you pull it out of your wallet.


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