This $49 Quadcopter Flips, Dips, And Floats

Why spend a few hundred on a <a href="">Parrot</a> AR.Drone when you can pop over to Brando and pick up a $49 quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand <i>and</i>

The USB Endoscope: Not What You Think

I'm a DIY kind of guy. I feel that doctors are at best overpriced handymen whose skills and experience count for little when it comes to understanding my body. Hey, it's my body, right? I should be

Glasses-less 3D MP3 Player For The Masses

Want the 3D experience without the glasses and with the headache? You’re in luck. Brando is offering a $180 glasses-less 3D PMP that plays multiple file types and presumably plays naked-eye 3D v

Gunbrella Will Get You Shot For Sure

<img src="" /> Let's Check More Fun for Daily Life!! Crapgadget vendor Brando is really selling this horrible umbrella

Pour Votre Plaisir: A USB Key Shaped Like A Padlock

<img src="">This Brando USB key has a unique "lock shape design" and comes in multiple sizes. It is "Portable and easy operati

The Eeny Weeny Beeny Wireless Router From Brando

Brando has, for your edification, a tiny, eeny, weeny, beeny wireless router for traveling. Priced at $45, this tiny 802.11n router is just 1 cm tall and 6 cm long. It supports just about every standa

Another Day, Another Desk-Mounted Rocket Launcher

Say, for example, you’re a self-styled office despot. Grown men fear you, women are in awe of your power, and children cower at your feet (all of this is in your head and your co-workers actuall

iPazzPort: A Tiny Keyboard and Touchpad For Your Pleasure

<img src="">Want to control your devices from afar with something that looks like a mini-Blackberry? Want it to have a crazy n

Brando Outs iPad Case That Looks Like A Notebook

Looking for an iPad case that also has a built-in keyboard? Check out this case from Brando. The keyboard runs through Bluetooth and has a built-in lithium battery that lasts about a week and stands-

Just In Time For Halloween: The iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

I was about to open a can of Samhain on this Brando Bluetooth keyboard until I saw what it looked like backlit. BAM! Great freaking pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Dino-lamps For Your Home Or Office

So you’ve finally moved into the corner office, and you’re looking for that special decorator piece that really says “I’ve made it” in the corporate rate race. Well look

Brando Rolls Out Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

<img src="" />Check out this new folding keyboard from <a href="">Brando</a>. It us

Little mailbox tells you when you've got mail

<img src="">Oh, <a href="">Brando</a>, is there anyt

Brando gets comfy with USB 3.0

<img src=""><a href="">USB 3.0</a> is no longer for richy-rich chumps. The low-c

This mini keyboard from Brando is all business and that's awesome

<img src=""><a href="">Brando</a> knows how to make cheap electronics and computer

This USB bottle opener flash drive is convergence at its finest

<img src="">So yeah, it's a <a href="">flash drive</a> that has a bottle open

Close the Internet, we're done: The 4-port chicken burger USB hub

USB Chicken Burger 4-Port Hub allows you to connect 4 different USB devices. It’s another little fancy stuff on your desk. What, no Double Down?

A USB cooling seat pad from Brando

<img src="">Dear Friend, Is you rear constantly getting sweaty? Do you leave wet spots on your seat cushion? Is it emb

Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad and laser pointer

<img src="" alt="" />The promises <a href="">Brando</a> makes about the “Rii

Another Nintendo-ish USB controller for your perusal

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Brando</a> presents us with the Buffalo US
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