Muito obrigado, Dragon Quest: Nintendo DS sales double after game's release


Just how big is Dragon Quest in Japan? Not only did the game sell some 2.3 million copies already, but it helped double the sales of the Nintendo DS. In MMA terms, Dragon Quest is a huge, Brock Lesnar-like draw.

The week before the game went on sale, Nintendo sold 51,601 DSs. That number jumped to 126,785 after the game’s release.

There’s still no U.S. release date, but given that Square Enix takes its sweet time localizing games, it could be something of a wait.

Or, you could hop on eBay and buy a copy of Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2. If you’re not prepared to grind for more than hour just outside the starting village, then maybe it’s not the game for you.

Final Fantasy is child’s play compared to Dragon Quest.