Reminder: Banjo-Tooie now available on Xbox Live


Don’t forget that Banjo-Tooie is now on Xbox Live! Yup, I bought it this morning, and it immediately took me back to Happier Days, a youth defined by watching WWF (at the time) and playing N64 and PlayStation all weekend long.

Having played for just shy of an hour, I’d say that Rare has done a fine job in bringing bear and bird to the 360. It has the same hi-res polish as Banjo-Kazooie, but, more importantly, the framerate has been cleaned up. No more stutter and slowdown (at least so far—knock on something).

I’ll be giving the game a go in the evenings this week, that’s for sure. Besides, I’ve grown tired of little kids destroying me in Street Fighter IV. Dumb kids, ruining my good time.

Rare’s Banjo Blog has more info Stop N’ Swop, too. I’ll cross that bridge in due time.