Medialets beats Apple to a billion when it comes to the iPhone

pastedgraphic-1Mobile analytics and advertising company Medialets is announcing a big milestone tomorrow with regards to the number one billion and the iPhone. Okay, not that billion milestone — but it’s pretty impressive none the less.

Medialets has now processed over a billion events on the iPhone and iPod touch by way of its analytics product, Medialytics. What this means is that the company, which launched on the same day as Apple App Store last July, has seen that much activity coming from the apps that use it on those platforms. Currently, because Medialytics is installed on so many different apps (it says “many” of the top downloaded iPhone apps), it has found its way on over 13 million unique devices — nearly half of the iPhones and iPod touches sold.

And over the past 10 months all of this data has taught Medialets a lot about the iPhone platform. One interesting metric is engagement. Medialets says it’s seeing between 3.5 and 7 minutes of average usage per session. App makers may be even more interested in ad click-through rates. Since its launch, Medialets is seeing click-throughs of between 1 and 8 percent.