Mg Siegler

Mg Siegler

M.G. Siegler is a general partner at Google Ventures, where he primarily focuses on early-stage investments. He has been deeply involved in the startup space since 2005, first as a web developer, then as a writer, and most recently as an investor and advisor.

Having spent the past year in London helping to get Google Ventures’ European organization up and running, M.G. is now back in the Bay Area, working mainly out of Google Ventures’ San Francisco office.

Before joining Google Ventures, M.G. was a founding partner of CrunchFund, an early-stage investment fund. Prior to that, he reported on the startup world as a writer for both TechCrunch and VentureBeat. M.G. still writes a column for TechCrunch on top of writing on his own sites and from time-to-time doing movie reviews in haiku.

Originally from Ohio, M.G. graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor before moving out west to work in Hollywood. One day, he will write that killer screenplay.

The Latest from Mg Siegler

Twitter’s Small Chance To Maim Email

There was a time, years ago, when Twitter almost killed their direct messaging product. The thought process seemed to be that it was an odd bit of cruft around an otherwise elegant, simple product. It

The VP of Devil’s Advocacy

In the 2013 film, World War Z, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is riding through the streets of Jerusalem as Jurgen Warmbrunn (Ludi Boeken) explains how the city was able to avoid the zombie apocalypse: The te

Nintendo: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.

I hate to say I-told-you-so… Who am I kidding? I love to say that. But while I’m happy about being correct, I’m sad for Nintendo. I love Nintendo. I really do. And so it pains me to

All I Want For Christmas: A Beta App Store

Notice: You must submit your basically untested app now or your holidays will surely be ruined. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on all those downloads that your app probably isn’t read

Let It Full-Bleed

On the importance of images and layout in writing. Load up your favorite tech blog. Or almost any blog, really. There’s a good chance it looks like shit. There’s a better chance that the reading e

To Mini Or To Air, That Is The iPad Question

Pop quiz, hot shot. You walk into an Apple Store to buy the new iPad. But there are two new iPads. The iPad Air and the new iPad mini. You can only buy one. What do you do? What — do — you — do?

“It’s Just A Big iPod Touch”

Over the weekend, I got two emails from my mother. The most interesting aspect of them was the sign-off at the bottom: “Sent from my iPad”. This stood out to me for two reasons: First, I&#

Two iPads To Tango

I walked into today's Apple event positive that the iPad mini with a retina display, if unveiled, would be the one iPad to rule them all. I was sure that such a device would so thoroughly upstage the

The End Of The Library

A simple link. That's all it took to unleash a hailstorm of angry emails, messages, tweets, and comments. Why? I dared wonder if libraries will continue to exist in the future. I mean, it's not tha

Two iPhones Diverged…

What I'm about to say may be considered blasphemy amongst a certain group of my peers: I think I like the iPhone 5c more than the iPhone 5s.

“That’s The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard Of.”

When Twitter <a target="_blank" href="">broke the news</a> last week about its forthcoming IPO, I got a bit sentimental. In 2006, when Twitter was

Forget “Cheap”, The iPhone 5c Is Clearly The iPhone Jony Ive Wanted For iOS 7

The "c" in the iPhone 5c title doesn't stand for "cheap". It stands for "clueless". As in, we were all clueless in our speculation on Apple's motivations for creating this device.

The Death Of Nintendo Has Been Greatly Under-Exaggerated

I love Nintendo. I love Nintendo. I love Nintendo. I feel the need to say that over and over again to begin with because this post will inevitably be read by some as some sort of anti-Nintendo scre

The Board Of The Borg

On April 17 of this year, I wrote a post that I never published. The following day, Microsoft was set to release their Q3 numbers and I wanted to see what they looked like before I ran my piece. I wan

Goldfinger: The Next iPhone

"Gold? All over?" M asks James Bond upon hearing how Jill Masterson died in 1964's <em>Goldfinger</em>. While Bond goes on to explain that the gold coating on Ms. Masterson caused her to die of "skin

While We’re Trying To Follow His Game Of Checkers, Jeff Bezos Is Playing Chess

A few years ago, I just didn't get it. I couldn't for the life of me understand how a company like Amazon could operate, let alone flourish. I spent the majority of my time following Apple, a company

Apple’s Golden State: Just Doing What’s Right

<em>Among his last advice he had for me, and for all of you, was to never ask what he would do. “Just do what’s right.”</em> That's what Tim Cook told the audience of Apple employees at the m

To The Victors Go The Spoiler Alerts

<em>Warning</em>:<em> this post contains minor spoiler alerts — mainly that the penultimate episode of season 3 of Game of Thrones contains something major, worthy of a true spoiler alert. Something

Maybe It’s Time For Apple To Go Back Behind The Curtain

Like most people, I was following <a target="_blank" href="">Tim Cook’s talk at the D11 conference</a> with great interest

Why Does Hollywood Hate The Future?

A few weeks ago, Chris Dixon <a target="_blank" href="">tweeted</a> something thought-provoking: "What were the last Hollywood movies you saw abo
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