Google Friend Connect Now Allows Deeper Integration with APIs

Google Friend Connect Is trying to catch up with Facebook Connect, and just now released its first set of APIs, which will let developers integrate Google Friend Connect more deeply into their sites and applications. Google Friend Connect offers a single sign-on service as well as several data portability features.

The new APIs will allow site owners to use both JavaScript and REST APIs to embed Google Friend Connect directly into the markup language of each site and make it easier for to combine it with their existing login systems. Google has also created APIs for developers who want to create plugins for content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. Gadget developers now have better authentication options as well. According to the API page:

Friend Connect API’s enable developers to

  • Integrate social flows and data directly within a page’s markup, via the OpenSocial standard specification
  • integrate existing login systems, registered users, and existing data with new social data and activities.
  • Create social gadgets & services that are embeddable within millions of Friend Connect enabled sites.

Of course, Facebook Connect already has its own set of competing APIs (which are the same ones used by its 670,000 application developers). The Google Social Blog has more info.