Google Friend Connect

  • Google Turns To Twitter To Help Friend Connect Fly

    Somedays, it seems like Facebook Connect is slowly taking over the web. It’s becoming so ubiquitous that it’s more surprising now to find a site that doesn’t allow you to log-in with your Facebook credentials. Seeing this, Google has been taking steps to make its own similar platform, Friend Connect, more social. And today they’ve quietly launched a pretty big… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Finds A Friend In Netlog

    Google Friend Connect is now integrated with one of Europe’s fastest growing social networks, Netlog. Netlog, which has more than 45 million users worldwide, just implemented Google’s alternative to Facebook Connect, which allows users to sign in using any ID supported by Google Friend Connect (including Gmail, Yahoo, and OpenID) and share their activities with their existing… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Adds Recommendations Gadget

    Google has rolled out a new recommendations gadget that allows sites that use Google Friend Connect to see which parts of their websites their visitors like best. Publishers can create the gadget on Google Friend Connect’s site and then embed the code into their sites. Once the gadget is embedded, members can then recommend the content they like, anything from a whole page to a single… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Adds Comment Translation

    For sites that use Google Friend Connect and its comment widget, there is now a novel new feature: comment translation. The comment widget plugs into Google Translate to allow readers to translate comments left in foreign languages. This will be a boon to international blogs and sites, such as Go2Web20, which use Google Friend Connect as a login system. Now you can talk to people half-way… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Now Allows Deeper Integration with APIs

    Google Friend Connect Is trying to catch up with Facebook Connect, and just now released its first set of APIs, which will let developers integrate Google Friend Connect more deeply into their sites and applications. Google Friend Connect offers a single sign-on service as well as several data portability features. The new APIs will allow site owners to use both JavaScript and REST APIs to… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Hooks Up With Blogger

    Google has integrated Friend Connect with its weblog publishing service Blogger. Essentially, this enables people to start following (i.e. subscribing to) blogs using their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID accounts and turns Blogger more into a social network than a straightforward blog publishing service. Blogs that you follow will be listed in your Blogger profile and the integration will… Read More

  • Google Raises The Social Bar With New Friend Connect Feature

    Google is now making it easier for Websites to surface Friend Connect features with what it is calling the Social Bar. This is a toolbar that Websites can add to their homepage or any other page they wish, and then they can add links for drop-down gadgets that lets site visitors do things such as sign in via Friend Connect, see who else has signed in recently, check out comments, or site… Read More

  • iGoogle Gadgets Are Getting Social Smarts

    New social features are popping up in iGoogle gadgets, those apps you can add to your personalized Google homepage. For instance, the My Google Book Search Library gadget, which lets you search books and create a personal digital library, now asks people who have OpenSocial profiles if they want to allow the gadget to “know who I am and access my profile” and “post updates to… Read More

  • Help Me Build A TechCrunch House Party Playlist With iLike And Google Friend Connect

    Today, iLike released a social playlist app that lets you create a music playlsit and embed it on any Website. Then through Friend Connect, anyone can sign in and change or add to the playlist. I’ve embedded one below seeded with five songs that I’ve called TechCrunch House Party. Go ahead and add to it, but only good songs, please. Or create your own. Read More