Video iPhone concept looks, eh, alright

Another day, another iPhone 3 (iPhone Video?) mockup. Clearly this is completely from some fellow’s imagination, but it’s fun to play make-believe anyway. The problem with this one is that the interface is cluttered, something Apple would avoid. Sending a location to someone you’re video chatting with is a complicated situation to begin with, but Apple would handle it with more finesse.

In this case, I’d guess that the video would minimize to a corner and your picture-in-picture would disappear. This frees up CPU cycles as well as minimizing screen garbage. But splitting the screen like this gets a big boo from me.

The form factor is debatable. A one-way wedge like that means the phone would be top-heavy — bad news if you’re holding it at the bottom. The PCB, touch, and display layers are likely unable to take that sort of miniaturization right now anyway, though that’s no guarantee they won’t in the future.

Apple also wouldn’t say “multi-way,” or imply in their copy that you are going to be conferencing to something, which makes no sense. I’m a grammatical pedant, can you tell?

See, I told you this would be fun.

[Thanks for the tip, Rodolphe]