• Crunch Report | So Hype for Hyperloop

    We get first looks at the DevLoop being built out in the Nevada desert, Justin Kan launches Zero-F, a startup incubator, Goodyear’s tire concept can read the road and adapt and Bose and Doppler get into a lawsuit. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • New “iOS Blocks” Concept Video Imagines How Widgets Could Work On The iPhone And iPad

    New “iOS Blocks” Concept Video Imagines How Widgets Could Work On The iPhone And iPad

    A new iOS concept video and extremely detailed explanation from UX and graphic designer Jay Machalani imagines how Apple’s iOS operating system could have its own version of Android’s widgets or Windows Phone’s “Live Tiles,” by introducing a new interaction that’s sort of in between each. In a blog post titled “Pushing iOS” the designer… Read More

  • Here Are The Best And Most Interesting iPhone 6 Mockups So Far

    Here Are The Best And Most Interesting iPhone 6 Mockups So Far

    Apple hasn’t said anything yet about any iPhone 6, nor will it until the fall (or whenever it actually announces it) but that hasn’t stopped the Internet’s collective imagination and curiosity from creating countless mock-ups of what the next generation of Apple smartphone will look like. Just this morning, we heard about how the iPhone 6 could have 1704×960 resolution… Read More

  • Mac Pro Concept Imagines What A Pro Apple Desktop Would Look Like With ARM On Board

    Mac Pro Concept Imagines What A Pro Apple Desktop Would Look Like With ARM On Board

    Peter Zigich, the designer behind the Modular Mac Pro concept, sent us details of his next Apple computer concept: a Mac Pro based on ARM architecture that takes advantage of that processor’s high power efficiency to drastically alter its form factor and case design. It’s obviously a flight of pure fancy, but one that takes seriously the question of what comes next for the… Read More

  • Video: This Isn’t The iPad 3… But We Can Dream, Right?

    Video: This Isn’t The iPad 3… But We Can Dream, Right?

    Are you ready for the iPad 3? We are. We’ve got all kinds of coverage on when Apple’s unveiling the little darling, what you should expect, and whether or not a little iPad is even something Apple would consider. But to break up the monotony (and annoyance) of truth mixed with rumor, I decided to hit you guys with a straight-up lie. So to be clear, this is not the iPad 3. Not… Read More

  • Nokia’s Crazy Bendy Kinetic Concept Blew Your Mind? Watch This!

    Nokia’s Crazy Bendy Kinetic Concept Blew Your Mind? Watch This!

    Nokia is totally ready for the future. They’ve already debuted a totally insane flexible kinetic interface concept, and now they’ve even drawn up an implementation for it: HumanForm. No, the phone doesn’t look like a you-themed action figure, but rather has a tear drop shape (probably my biggest gripe about the concept). I’m not going to go into too much detail… Read More

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept CS1 Tourbillon GMT Watch

    I was really happy to see a new Royal Oak Concept watch. It is hard to explain where this collection fits in to the Audemars Piguet watch collection. They aren’t quite Royal Oaks, and they aren’t quite Royal Oak Offshores. Rather, they are highly futuristic looking high-end watches that are another Royal Oak collection all together. Read More

  • Concept USB Drive/Battery Is At Least Clever

    Designer Wonchul Hwang has an idea: it’s a AA battery with a pop out USB connector that doubles as a flash drive and a rechargeable battery, thus allowing you to power your electronic devices and… ummm… store data on them? At the same time? At different times? Read More

  • "The Raider": British Combat Vehicle Design Based On Batmobile

    British defense company BAE Systems recently unveiled a concept vehicle whose design it says was inspired by the Batmobile (The Tumbler) from “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. The world’s second largest defense company is thinking about using the so-called “The Raider” design for “a small, highly agile autonomous reconnaissance and… Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Hands-On With Fujitsu's Dual Touchscreen Phone (Videos)

    One of the hit products at Fujitsu’s booth at this year’s CEATEC exhibition (that’s currently taking place near Tokyo) was the so-called “Dual-Touchscreen Mobile Phone”. As the name suggests, it has no physical keyboard but boasts two screens instead, and it’s designed like a typical Japanese clamshell cell phone. Read More

  • Docking And Storage Base Keeps All Your iStuff Lined Up In A Row

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about a nifty concept doodad, so strap in! This is the Docking and Storage Base, and it’s designed to keep your desk area neat and tidy. Lord knows my desk (which is sorta visible in my Plex video) looks like a scene from Mad Max. Read More

  • Microsoft RearType Research Project Has Its Rear In Gear

    Some people complain about the direction of touch panels. Complaints about losing a physical keyboard are some of the biggest. Certainly typing anything larger than a page can begin to feel numb on a touch device. So why not put the keys in the back? Read More

  • Apple Applies For Bicycle Computer Patent

    It looks like Apple is working on a new project. If nothing else, we know they are thinking about it due to a patent that was published today. So what’s the new project? Some type of bicycle computer. There are of course bicycle computer products on the market today, but with some exceptions they’re pretty limited. Knowing Apple, it’s safe to say that if they are getting… Read More

  • A concept ambidextrous mouse, for your perusal

    Do you like computer mice? Do you like ambidexterity? Do you like looking at renderings of concept products that are not yet real? Today, my friend, is your lucky day. Gaze upon the Nink wireless optical mouse. Imagine the feel of that corrugated shell under either your right or your left palm. Visualize the sensation of using either index finger to tenderly scroll that wheel up and down, up… Read More

  • Nikon D4x concept looks boxy, unlikely

    Nikon’s next generation D4x should be arriving in the next year or so, and it’s always fun to speculate what it will look like. I doubt this is even close, honestly. It is fun to see what industrial designers can come up with when they play though. Keep in mind this is not a actual Nikon design, but rather a speculation on what direction they could go in. Read More

  • VW rolls out folding electric bicycle

    Volkswagen just announced their latest gadget, the Bik.e – a folding electric bicycle designed to fit in the trunk of your car, in the space currently taken up by your spare tire. With a maximum range of 12.5 miles, I question whether it would be a good spare tire replacement, but I still like it. It is interesting to see a company like Volkswagen get into the electric bicycle… Read More

  • "Universal Packaging System" concept misses the point

    In theory Patrick Sung’s new design concept sounds good. A sheet of cardboard, perforated in such a way to make it easy to wrap around an item, all the time protecting it from damage during shipment. But that’s where the good idea fails. Plus, I doubt the United Parcel Service will let him use their logo. Read More

  • CrunchRender: The Microsoft Method All-In-One

    There’s a video up on YouTube right now, and while it’s probably completely fake, it pretends to be a possible product coming from Microsoft. The concept is interesting, but not really feasible (or at least not affordable). Read More

  • Laser beam clock tells time with mirrors

    Those wacky artists at Art Lebedev are at it again. This time, they’ve created a concept clock that uses a single laser beam directed by 60 rotating mirrors to tell us what time it is. Read More

  • Yanko's camera concept protects the delicate bits

    Yanko is known for their off the wall concept products that never actually materialize. Why do we tell you about them? Because my boss tells me to write them up. Maybe he hopes that someday, one of these products will actually exist. Because you know, dreams can come true. Read More

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