OnePlus’ gaming concept phone has glowing liquid cooling

The days of a cautious OnePlus release cycle appear to be behind us. In January, the Oppo-owned mobile brand unveiled its new flagship, the OnePlus 11. Earlier this month, the 11R arrived, focused on

Crunch Report | So Hype for Hyperloop

We get first looks at the DevLoop being built out in the Nevada desert, Justin Kan launches Zero-F, a startup incubator, Goodyear's tire concept can read the road and adapt and Bose and Doppler get in

New “iOS Blocks” Concept Video Imagines How Widgets Could Work On The iPhone And iPad

A new iOS concept video and extremely detailed explanation from UX and graphic designer Jay Machalani imagines how Apple’s iOS operating system could have its own version of Android’s widg

Here Are The Best And Most Interesting iPhone 6 Mockups So Far

Apple hasn’t said anything yet about any iPhone 6, nor will it until the fall (or whenever it actually announces it) but that hasn’t stopped the Internet’s collective imagination and

Mac Pro Concept Imagines What A Pro Apple Desktop Would Look Like With ARM On Board

Peter Zigich, the designer behind the Modular Mac Pro concept, sent us details of his next Apple computer concept: a Mac Pro based on ARM architecture that takes advantage of that processor's high pow

Video: This Isn’t The iPad 3… But We Can Dream, Right?

Are you ready for the iPad 3? We are. We've got all kinds of coverage on when Apple's unveiling the little darling, <a href="">what you should ex

Nokia’s Crazy Bendy Kinetic Concept Blew Your Mind? Watch This!

Nokia is totally ready for the future. They've already debuted a <a href="">totally insane flexible kinetic interface conce

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept CS1 Tourbillon GMT Watch

<img src="">I was really happy to see a new Royal Oak Concept watch. It is hard to explain where this collection

Concept USB Drive/Battery Is At Least Clever

Designer Wonchul Hwang has an idea: it’s a AA battery with a pop out USB connector that doubles as a flash drive and a rechargeable battery, thus allowing you to power your electronic devices an

"The Raider": British Combat Vehicle Design Based On Batmobile

<img src="" /> British defense company <a href="">BAE Systems</a> recently unveiled a concept vehicle whose

CEATEC 2010: Hands-On With Fujitsu's Dual Touchscreen Phone (Videos)

<img src="" /> One of the hit products at Fujitsu's booth at this year’s <a href="">CEATEC<

Docking And Storage Base Keeps All Your iStuff Lined Up In A Row

<img src="" />It's been quite a while since I've written about a nifty concept doodad, so strap in! This is the Docking and Storage Base, a

Microsoft RearType Research Project Has Its Rear In Gear

<img src="" />Some people complain about the direction of touch panels. Complaints about losing a physical keyboard are some of the big

Apple Applies For Bicycle Computer Patent

It looks like Apple is working on a new project. If nothing else, we know they are thinking about it due to a patent that was published today. So what’s the new project? Some type of bicycle com

A concept ambidextrous mouse, for your perusal

<img src="" />Do you like computer mice? Do you like ambidexterity? Do you like looking at renderings of concept products th

Nikon D4x concept looks boxy, unlikely

<img src="" /><a href="">Nikon's</a> next generation D4x should be arriving in the next year or

VW rolls out folding electric bicycle

<img src="" />Volkswagen just announced their latest gadget, the Bik.e - a folding electric bicycle designed to fit

"Universal Packaging System" concept misses the point

<img src="" />In theory Patrick Sung's new design concept sounds good. A sheet of cardboard, perforated in such a way to make it easy to w

CrunchRender: The Microsoft Method All-In-One

<img src="" />There's a video up on YouTube right now, and while it's probably completely fake, it pretends to be a possible product

Laser beam clock tells time with mirrors

<img src="" />Those wacky artists at <a href="
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