Low-tech but Useful: The Gentlemen’s Ballscratcher


I like how the plural of “gentleman” is used here to promote the idea that this scrotum scratching apparatus might somehow be shared amongst two or more people. Call me crazy but where I come from, a gentleman should carry his own Ballscratcher, razor, and toothbrush.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the manufacturer meant to do that or not because for the low, low price of just £4.90 ($6.66), the name of this doodad is far less important than the utility it ultimately provides.

The Ballscratcher is “definitely the present for the man who has everything” and is “aimed at the ‘Busy Male Executive’,” according to the DrinkStuff store page. Here’s more:

For the days when your own hands are just not precise enough, the Gentlemen’s Ballscratcher is in the shape of a delicate female hand for those hard to reach places. The 230mm (9 inch) handle provides excellent extra length to help get around difficult obstacles (beer bellies, old pizza, empty beer cans etc.) and provides the relief so many crave…

This quality silverware utensil is dishwasher safe, and has a stain resistant surface.

I can’t remember the last time I had old pizza or empty beer cans in my pants, but this seems like a good item to have around the house just in case those types of emergencies arise. It comes in this classy case for traveling, safe-keeping, or showcasing to friends, family, and neighbors.


The top of the case says “FOR THE BUSY MALE EXECUTIVE,” so if you work in an office, keep the case out on your desk and people won’t bother you. If someone stops by to chat about last night’s episode of The Hills or whatever ridiculous shows that people who work in offices watch, just sternly tap on the top of your Ballscratcher case and they’ll know you mean business.

Product Page [via Foolish Gadgets]