G1 and Diamond push HTC to record profits in November

Curious as to why Sony Ericsson (and 13 others) might have hopped on board with the Open Handset Alliance? Take a look at the November numbers of HTC, the folks behind the only Android handset currently on the market, and it all becomes clear.

This morning, HTC is announcing that they managed to pull $528.57 million in profit during the month of November. That’s right around 10.8% higher than October, and an ultra impressive 22.1% better than they did in November of 2007. According to Digitimes, a significant chunk of the revenue growth stems from sales of the HTC Diamond and, more notably, the Android-powered G1.

Now, the HTC Diamond could coast by on looks alone. The G1? Yeah, not as much. Without aesthetics on its side, the draw here has got to be Android. Interest in Android drives the sales, and the royalty-free licensing keeps it from dipping into profits. It’s win win – and after posting a $32 million dollar loss for Q3, that probably sounds pretty good to Sony Ericsson