For free: Sprint will teach its customers how to use their phones


Not everyone spends all day in front of gadget blogs and the HowardForums, learning the ins and outs of their cellphone. It’s for these “normal” people that Sprint is launching a renewed effort to teach consumers exactly what it is their cellphones can do.

The program is called “Ready Now,” and will officially be announced sometime today, when everyone is paying attention to Apple and completely ignoring everything else in tech.

Sprint employees will help consumers set up e-mail, connect Bluetooth devices, transfer contacts and so on. Customers can either do this as soon as they purchase a phone, or can schedule a 10 to 30-minute appointment for a later date.

There will be no extra charge for the service, which blows my mind.

Now, if you’re feeling cynical, you could simply view this as a ploy for Sprint to teach its customers how to use more and more data services, which are more profitable for wireless providers than plain ol’ voice.

But we’re not that cynical.