WalkMe raises $75M at a ‘$935M’ valuation for its on-screen guidance tech

More funding is rolling in for Israeli startups. Today, WalkMe — company that has built a cloud-based platform for businesses to make web and mobile interfaces and experiences easier to navigat

Yahoo adds security event tracking to its Account Info page, but still no “delete” button

Following news of its large-scale data breach affecting 500 million account holders, Yahoo today rolled out a change to its Yahoo Account settings screen that will better alert users to unauthorized a

On-screen guidance startup WalkMe raised $50M led by Insight, now valued around $400M

As more people and businesses shift to digital platforms to get things done, a cloud-based platform for making interfaces easier to navigate continues to grow. WalkMe, which helps guide people throu

Let’s Meet Up In St. Louis For Corn Beef And Cabbage (And Startups)

A quick reminder for all and sundry that we will hold the first TC Pitch-Off on Tuesday, November 17th at the PBR Cowboy Bar on 601 Clark Avenue. #202. St. Louis, MO 63102. You can register here. We a

Yahoo’s Homepage Isn’t Raising Enough Money For Hurricane Sandy Relief, Let’s All Step Up

We're just now learning what level the devastation that <a target="_blank" href="">Hurricane Sandy</a> caused on the East Coast, specifically in New York Ci

An E-Round For E-Help: Picks Up $50M From IVP And More For Further International Growth

The IPO market may be slowly opening up again post its Facebook contraction, but not all startups in their later stages are jumping. <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the on

Unfair and unbalanced

<img src='//' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />Digging out from under a mountain of stuff this weekend, I'm hopelessly behind. Disclosure: I

How to read, and respond to, video game reviews

<img src="" />Keep this in mind when you're reading a video game review from your favorite publication.

Dropped your phone in water? Put it in a bowl of rice!

<img src="" />Let's say you drop your phone in the sink or pool for whatever reason. You are, in fact, S.O.L., but there's a couple

Video: The Nao robot tries so very hard to make your life a little easier

<img src="" />Well I'll be: a fancy robot that has nothing to do with Japan. It's called Nao, and it was designed by a French company called

Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

<img src="" />Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that's what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charg

How the Kerchoonz K-Box, which turns any flat surface into a speaker, saved this couple's marriage

<img src="" />The following is a short play describing Kerchoonz's K-Box. It's a device that turns any flat surface into a speaker.

Do you have a spare Crawligator?

I know this probably won’t help, but it’s worth a shot. DaddyTypes got an email from a new dad named Michael about his eight month old son with leg problems: I’m searching for a Craw

That $10 Indian laptop isn't really a laptop after all

<img src="" />When is a laptop not a laptop? That's what we're asking (not really, we're actually reading Lost fanfic!) this mornin

How to fix your Bluetooth connection if Mac OS X 10.5.6 breaks it

<img src="" /> Does Mac OS X 10.5.6 break Bluetooth? That's what some people are <a HREF="

Helping people, for once: A refrigerator that doesn't require electricity

Someone decided to be clever and actually put technology to good use (as opposed to pouring endless amounts of money into developing bigger and bigger TVs), having developed a refrigerator of sorts th

The iPhone case that's designed for the blind and visually impaired

Okay, we have here the greatest iPhone accessory ever invented. It’s the Silicon Touch iPhone case, and it makes using the iPhone a hell of a lot easier for the visually impaired. (Random fact:

Wrath of the Lich King sells 2.8 million copies in first 24 hours

As if there was any doubt, Blizzard sold an awful lot of copies of Wrath of the Lich King last week. In fact, it sold more than 2.8 million copies of the game within the first 24 hours of its release.

Best Buy in ‘The New Adventures of Your Old TV’

Round of applause for Best Buy, which aims to educate you all about the upcoming digital TV transition. (Remember the big day: February 17, 2009.) The lastelectronics retailer left standing will hold

XO Laptop to be sold in Europe (for a lot more than $100)

Those crazy Europeans will be able to buy an XO Laptop, too. Amazon’s Euro stores will sell the little guy for £263 (or €313 or $390). That’s strange, considering the One Laptop Per Chi
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