• Video: The Nao robot tries so very hard to make your life a little easier

    Well I’ll be: a fancy robot that has nothing to do with Japan. It’s called Nao, and it was designed by a French company called Aldebaran Robotics; it was just on display in Valencia this past week. It’s one of those “helper robots” whose only goal is to help you out when you’re sick. Read More

  • Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

    Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that’s what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charging station—sometimes just an old car battery on the side of the road. So, in yet another example of technology actually improving people’s lives (rather than just giving hipsters an opportunity to bump into other hipsters), two students have developed a… Read More

  • How the Kerchoonz K-Box, which turns any flat surface into a speaker, saved this couple's marriage

    The following is a short play describing Kerchoonz’s K-Box. It’s a device that turns any flat surface into a speaker. Read More

  • Do you have a spare Crawligator?

    I know this probably won’t help, but it’s worth a shot. DaddyTypes got an email from a new dad named Michael about his eight month old son with leg problems: I’m searching for a Crawligator for my eight month old son with leg deformities. He will be having them amputated and is expected to have trouble crawling. I would like to find him a Crawligator to give him the best… Read More

  • That $10 Indian laptop isn't really a laptop after all

    When is a laptop not a laptop? That’s what we’re asking (not really, we’re actually reading Lost fanfic!) this morning upon learning that that $10 Indian laptop isn’t really a laptop at all, but merely a “computing device.” Let’s demand a Senate investigation. It’s not like they’re doing anything right now. Read More

  • How to fix your Bluetooth connection if Mac OS X 10.5.6 breaks it

    Does Mac OS X 10.5.6 break Bluetooth? That’s what some people are saying on Apple’s support forums, as are the jkOnTheRun guys. It seems that after applying the update—I haven’t bothered to update yet—the little Bluetooth icon disappears from the menu bar. Not only that, but the Bluetooth entry in System Preferences disappears, too. Without that, there’s no… Read More

  • Helping people, for once: A refrigerator that doesn't require electricity

    Someone decided to be clever and actually put technology to good use (as opposed to pouring endless amounts of money into developing bigger and bigger TVs), having developed a refrigerator of sorts that doesn’t require any electricity to operate. A team at Stanford, funded by a VC dude by the name of Adam Grosser, came up with a device that essentially works like a big hand warmer, but… Read More

  • The iPhone case that's designed for the blind and visually impaired

    Okay, we have here the greatest iPhone accessory ever invented. It’s the Silicon Touch iPhone case, and it makes using the iPhone a hell of a lot easier for the visually impaired. (Random fact: I’m legally blind in New York without my glasses.) It’d work with an iPhone App to make it so that people can feel what they’re typing, be it the SMS icon or actual… Read More

  • Wrath of the Lich King sells 2.8 million copies in first 24 hours

    As if there was any doubt, Blizzard sold an awful lot of copies of Wrath of the Lich King last week. In fact, it sold more than 2.8 million copies of the game within the first 24 hours of its release. That’s what told us, at least. The previous expansion, The Burning Crusade sold 2.4 million in its first 24 hours. Ever since then, people have been playing the game non-stop, sometimes to… Read More

  • Best Buy in ‘The New Adventures of Your Old TV’

    Round of applause for Best Buy, which aims to educate you all about the upcoming digital TV transition. (Remember the big day: February 17, 2009.) The lastelectronics retailer left standing will hold a series of workshops at 25 of its stores to “educate consumers about the transition to digital television broadcasting and help them choose the best solution for their television… Read More

  • XO Laptop to be sold in Europe (for a lot more than $100)

    Those crazy Europeans will be able to buy an XO Laptop, too. Amazon’s Euro stores will sell the little guy for £263 (or €313 or $390). That’s strange, considering the One Laptop Per Child program was initially billed as the $100 laptop. What are you gonna do? The Guardian, home of the Football Weekly podcast, calls the whole program a “flop,” noting that it has… Read More