How to turn an old PowerBook into an arcade cabinet


Oh my, this does look nice. Frederic Sebton has taken an old PowerBook and an IKEA side table (Ramvik is the model) and turned it into an arcade cabinet.

Sebton has basically taken a PowerBook apart and mounted the screen and computer guts back-to-back, with the screen showing up through a hole cut in the top of the table. He then used a piece of black cardboard and a piece of glass as the top-most layer, mounted an arcade style joystick in the cabinet’s drawer, and ka-boom: a nice arcade cabinet running Mame software on a PowerBook.

Seems simple enough, definitely a no-brainer if you’ve got an old laptop that you’re not using – it wouldn’t need to be a PowerBook, either. Any old laptop that can run emulation software should be able to work just fine.

Here are a couple more photos from the project’s page.



Frederic Sebton Mamebook Cocktail Table [via LifeHacker]