Behold! It’s the tiniest MAME cabinet in the galaxy

In the world of MAME cabinetry – essentially a subculture of arcade lovers who build amazing cabinets for their emulators – the goal is usually to either recreate the arcade games of yore

A DIY Raspberry Pi Hack Lets You Build The Smallest Gaming Cabinet In The World

A hacker called [Sprite_tm] AKA Jeroen Domburg built his own teeny, tiny Raspberry Pi-based MAME cabinet using some laser cut plexiglass, some custom controls, and a eeny, weenie <a target="_blank" hr

How to turn an old PowerBook into an arcade cabinet

Oh my, this does look nice. Frederic Sebton has taken an old PowerBook and an IKEA side table (Ramvik is the model) and turned it into an arcade cabinet. Sebton has basically taken a PowerBook apart a

MAME cabinet enclosed in Ikea table

I’ll tinker with my X-Arcade once a week, but certainly not as much as I thought I would. I like playing Golden Tee, but setting it up on my TV is a pain. If only my coffee table had Pac Man rea

Gamerator full-sized MAME unit has built-in beer keg

Maybe I should get one of those shady payday advances for this. “This” being the Gamerator, a full-sized MAME cabinet that just so happens to have a built-in refrigerator. And what else wo

X-Arcade Tankstick review

There was a time in college that I wanted to buy a Golden Tee arcade machine because…well…it’s just about the coolest game ever. I also hated going to Clodfelters and paying up to $20 to play th

MAME Devs Decrypt CPS III, Street Fighter III Playable Soon

The MAME guys cracked Capcom’s CPS III encryption about a week ago and have made a startling amount of progress since then. (In fact, I just grabbed a bunch of CPS III dumps from Usenet in prepa

Arcade In A Box Is Literally That

This is not a controller. It is not a component for a MAME cabinet. It is a full-on gaming PC. Burn your PS3 pre-order form, the Arcade In A Box is here to stay. With a full compliment of audio and TV