Widgetbox Unveils New iPhone Widget Gallery

Widgetbox is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon by releasing a special gallery of widgets tailored to the popular device’s screen.

There are 16 widgets available to start, including an RSS output of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and a BART QuickPlanner tool for finding mass transport rides around the Bay Area. A tutorial is being provided for developers to create their own iPhone-ready widgets, which will then go into the gallery.

Despite Jobs’ insistence that all regular websites work well on the iPhone, it’s always nice to see websites tailored for the device because when it comes down to it, pinching to zoom in and out gets tiresome. This new gallery is especially nice because mobile users generally want access to quick information while on the go, and widgets are inherently designed for small bits of consumption. If you find a few widgets you like, you can add them to your home screen for easy access.

Also see Apple’s own gallery for iPhone-ready web apps.