• Sequoia-Backed Widgetbox Rebrands As Flite, Raises $12M For Rich Media Ad Serving Platform

    Flite (formerly Widgetbox) has raised $12 Million in Series C funding led by General Catalyst Partners with existing investors Sequoia Capital, Hummer Winblad and NCD Investors participating in the round. This brings Flite’s total funding to $27 million. Along with the funding, Widgetbox is rebranding itself as Flite. Since 2006, Widgetbox has built a name for itself by creating web… Read More

  • Widgetbox Mobile Launches, Create Mobile Web Apps In A Snap

    Forget Android, iOS and the rest of the mobile operating systems. Sometimes you don’t need to spend weeks building the sleekest mobile apps for native environments. And depending on your business, something a little bit more quick and simple can do the job just fine. That’s the theory behind Widgetbox Mobile, a new offering from the team behind ClickTurn ads, which aims to help… Read More

  • ClickTurn: Build Rich Media Ads In Half An Hour

    The momentum in online advertising is shifting away from traditional static text ads and towards rich media ads that are highly customized and interactive. Unfortunately, they generally take a lot more effort to create, which puts them out of reach for some companies. Enter Widgetbox‘s ClickTurn ad-builder. ClickTurn gives publishers a relatively fast and easy way to create dynamic ads… Read More

  • Widgetizing The Web: Widgetbox Hits 500 Million Impressions A Month

    Widgets were all the rage last year. And the trend seems to be growing. Widgetbox, a widget creation and distribution platform, is reporting 500 million impressions worldwide in the past month, according to Quantcast. Widgetbox says that the vast majority of activity exists across hundreds of thousands of publishers who embed the widgets in blogs each month and through partners who… Read More

  • Leading Widget Platform Widgetbox Launches Blog Network

    Widgetbox, one of the web’s largest widget creation and distribution platforms, is launching a new blog network and becoming a destination site in the process. Widgetbox’s homepage will now feature 29 blog channels ranging from parenting to technology. Each channel will include a lists of the most active stories in the network, as well as a leaderboard rewarding the most prolific… Read More

  • Widgetbox Unveils New iPhone Widget Gallery

    Widgetbox is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon by releasing a special gallery of widgets tailored to the popular device’s screen. There are 16 widgets available to start, including an RSS output of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and a BART QuickPlanner tool for finding mass transport rides around the Bay Area. A tutorial is being provided for developers to create their own… Read More

  • Hummer Winblad Partner Will Price Resigns To Head WidgetBox

    It’s not often a partner at a successful venture capital fund leaves to do anything except retire (although there is some evidence to the contrary). But Will Price, a general partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, has resigned from his firm and, as of today, is the CEO of widget startup Widgetbox. The company has raised $14.5 million from Hummer Winblad, Sequoia Capital and… Read More

  • Amid Yahoo Turmoil, AOL Makes An Acquisition

    On Monday AOL will announce the acquisition of San Diego-based Goowy, a startup founded in late 2004 and which launched, incidentally, in my living room in late 2006 (we had a TechCrunch party where Goowy, Meebo, Sphere and other startups launched). The size of the deal is not being disclosed. Their first product was a Flash-based webtop or alternative operating system. But later they went… Read More

  • Widgetbox Secures $8M More in Series B Funding

    Widgetbox, a platform for the creation and distribution of web widgets, has raised $8M in a Series B round of financing led by Northgate Capital and joined by Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad. The company provides tools for both novice and advanced developers to create a variety of widgets, from simple embeddable RSS feed readers (called “blidgets”) to full social network… Read More

  • MuseStorm Debuts Widget Engagement Platform

    Silicon Valley/Israel based MuseStorm will launch a new end-to-end widget syndication platform today at the DEMO conference. The new offering which MuseStorm is officially dubbing a “content engagement platform” provides four widget syndication aspects: Authoring, Distribution, Analytics & Monetization. The highlight of the platform is the authoring functionality. First, it… Read More

  • Amnesty Hypercube Brings Web Widgets To The Desktop

    Mesa Dynamics has announced the alpha preview release of Amnesty Hypercube, a desktop platform for web widgets. Amnesty Hypercube allows users to use web widgets, such as those provided by Google Gadgets, Pageflakes, Widgetbox and others on their desktop in a similar fashion to Apple’s Dashboard, Yahoo Widgets, Google Desktop and the Vista Sidebar. The theory goes that there are… Read More

  • Widgetbox Remote Gallery: An Open Platform For Widgets

    Widgetbox have announced the wide-spread adoption of its new Widgetbox Remote Gallery feature which eases the transition to an open platform for social networks. The Widgetbox Remote Gallery feature enables social networks to embed a select number of widgets from third party developers and provide access to the over 10,000 widgets from the Widgetbox main gallery, giving their users the ability… Read More

  • PostApp launches WidgetBox, a marketplace for widgets

    Stealth start-up PostApp announced at Thursday’s SuperNova Connected Innovators session the launch tomorrow of WidgetBox, its new beta marketplace for managed web based widgets, and $1.5 million in funding from Hummer Winblad. If you like widgets, there’s about to be a whole lot more of them available for use in your blog or profile page. If you’d like to develop widgets… Read More